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Be Free From Stress, Anxiety And Depression With Christopher Paul Jones.

Does This Sound Like You

You are avoiding social engagements and are preferring to stay at home.

Your career is affected by how you are feeling, perhaps you are holding yourself back, or you’ve even left your job.

You feel lost, low, and don’t remember what it feels like to be ‘happy’.
Your mind seems to take over you, fear, worry, anxiety – you can’t seem to turn your thoughts off.
Your sleep, diet, pretty much everything seems to be affected.
If you answered YES to one or more of those things, chances are you need help for your anxiety and depression.


Find out more about how I can set you free from your anxiety and depression now.

Finally, Be Free From Stress, Anxiety And Depression.

Stress, Anxiety, or Depression can affect all of us at some point in our lives. I treat all three conditions using a bespoke clinical approach. I believe that you are an individual and behind your stress, anxiety, or depression there will be a ‘root cause’ to things.

This means that if we uncover YOUR root cause to a condition, then long term relief is created.

Take a look at the video and discover how a clients’ long term depression was treated by coming to have a session with me at my London based Phobia Clinic.


Helping You To Be Free From Your Anxiety And Depression

your healthy living

Travelling home after our consultation, I felt notably relaxed and calm. I now feel a lot more confident, and prepared to deal with life’s challenges.”

Liz Parry – Healthy Living Magazine

Lisa Lallouz 1 1

I have struggled with anxiety and fear of flying throughout my entire life. I began to believe I was untreatable. As I had been suffering for 31 years, I was not sure if Chris’s methods would actually work.

Fast forward to now and everyone close to me notices a difference I am now able to do regular activities with ease and joy. I go to concerts, movies, drive on the highways, and yes, I am flying again! it has touched every aspect of my life as I am living freely without modifying myself based on fears. This is freedom. This is healing.

Lisa Lallouz, Social Worker and Author -Canada

poppy jamie

Since seeing Christopher, I can honestly say he has changed my life. My anxiety levels have been substantially reduced and I now have so many new thinking techniques that I use daily. I would encourage everyone to see Christopher because he has transformed my life.

Poppy Jamie – TV Presenter

I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bi polar disorder. In one session, we got to a fundamental issue. It was quite instant. I would definitely recommend Chris, it absolutely works.

Helen Davies – Pharmaceutical Key Account Manager

rosie bryant

I was diagnosed with anxiety based asthma, I couldn’t breath at one point. Chris was able to fix it in 10 minutes as a side project.

Rosie Bryant – musician

You May Be Experiencing Stress, Anxiety Or Depression.

But the good news is that you are in the right place to get help with it. By working one to one with me you will:

Feel like you on a good day again

Gain control of how you feel so that you are back in the driver's seat

Change how you feel about past events that you feel are keeping you stuck

Gain clarity and confidence so that you can start to plan and ‘engage’ in life again

Attempting to tackle or ‘control’ your anxiety in silence, isn’t going to ‘fix’ things, and the reason for that is anxiety comes from your subconscious, and the subconscious doesn’t work on logic.

anxiety and depression

How anxiety and depression get created?

The root of anxious or depressive thinking often starts at a point in time when you felt unsafe (often in childhood). Then your emotional mind starts to see everything outside your comfort zone as unsafe, and your emotional mind begins to fire fight, flight or freeze signals as if you’re in real danger.

Unlike phobias where there is normally one trigger seeing a dog getting on a plane etc with anxiety and depression, there can be a few triggers and the fear that you might get anxiety or feel scared can be as scary or more as the anxiety itself (fear of the fear).

While anxiety and depression can seem like two opposing emotions, they can often go hand in hand as the mind moves from one extreme to the other trying to regulate itself.

How To Remove Your Anxiety Or Depression?

I start by working with the subconscious to help it create other ways to feel safe. (If this step is missed, then the part of the mind that believes it needs to hold on to the anxiety to protect you will stop any change from happening).

Next, we deal with the moment in the past when this emotion was created. Once the emotional stressors have been altered, your body no longer reacts in the way that it used to, effectively removing your stress or anxiety.

After this, we deal with the present and I help you re-educate your mind and body to respond differently to pressure, teaching it to be able to handle external pressure and overwhelm without going into reaction (building reliance).

Finally I remove the pattern of unnecessary worry about the future, helping you to control all the constant ‘what if’ thoughts that go hand in hand with anxiety.

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Christopher Paul Jones
Christopher Paul jones- Lumity magazine

Christopher Paul Jones, aka The Breakthrough Expert, is a therapist based on London’s Harley Street.

He has come up with a magical way to banish stress and it’s a technique that his high-flying corporate clients use when dealing with stressful work situations.

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Christopher Paul jones- Lumity magazine

Do you suffer with anxiety? Follow these 7 steps to beat it celebrity therapist Christopher Paul Jones, says anyone can help themselves take control.

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Do you long to be free from your anxiety or depression?

Have you had enough of your quality of life being affected because of your present condition?

Book in now for your natural anxiety or depression cure, sessions are available both in- person and via Zoom from my London based Phobia Clinic.

Whether it’s a fear of the future or a past event that haunts you – I am here to help you be free from your anxiety or depression.

As Harley Streets’ sought-after anxiety, fear, and phobia therapist, I can set you free from your anxiety or depression so that you can enjoy daily life, without feeling like your current condition is controlling you. You should experience results, even if other things have not worked for you.

This really is revolutionary in the field of treatments for anxiety and depression and other mental health conditions, and lasting change really IS possible.

It’s time to regain your freedom. Book your one to one session and be free from your anxiety or depression. Sessions are available at my Harley Street Phobia Clinic and can be held in person or via Zoom.

Treat Your Stress, Anxiety, or Depression With Christopher Paul Jones, Harley Street.

Many people believe that Stress, Anxiety or Depression can only be treated by counselling or medication. They believe that these conditions are something that they simply have to ‘learn to live with’.

But this is not the case. By getting to the root cause of the condition I can use a bespoke combination of therapies, known as the Integrated Change System, and break the connection between the internally stored memories and the external triggers – which provides rapid sustainable relief for conditions such as Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.


Christopher Paul Jones Phobia Specialist.S work is featured regularly on international TV, radio, and in the press, including the BBC, CBC, Hello, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and national newspapers.

Christopher’s clients come from all over the world to see him in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and he counts Hollywood actors, Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters, and celebrities among them

If YOU have tried other methods of treating your Stress, Anxiety, or Depression and are still looking for the answers, get in touch today.

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