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Stress is a killer. It comes up time and time again whenever we look at what causes premature ageing. And, it’s a large factor behind a number of serious diseases. We take a look at a simple trick that will help you feel calm in a stressful situation – instantly.

Christopher Paul Jones, aka The Breakthrough Expert, is a therapist based on London’s Harley Street. He specialises in helping people let go of their fears, anxieties and even their phobias; from a fear of public speaking to anxieties around work.

He has come up with a magical way to banish stress and it’s a technique that his high-flying corporate clients use when dealing with stressful work situations.

And, it’s much more fun than you would imagine. Paul has written down this technique for Lumity Life magazine and he explains it in detail and why it works.

How to banish stress instantly and feel happy and calm

Could Harry Potter offer the solution when it comes to handling a stressful situation, whether it be in your personal life, or in your workplace?

Whenever Harry wants to turn a negative situation or feeling into a positive one, he uses The Ridiculous Spell. By waving a magic wand at a person, or scenario, Harry is able to transform a moment of fear, into a moment of comedy.

Imagine being able to zap away that annoying work colleague, or simply be able to handle a stressful time, like a long weekend spent with extended family.

The good news is you can! By using a therapy technique similar to this, you can change your mood, mindstate and whole experience of any stressful situation. And the best part is, this is FUN.

Getting yourself out of a stressful situation can be as simple as waving your wand at it!

Picture the scene; that colleague at work is getting the better of you. No matter how much you try to ignore them, they keep on having a go at you. You have to keep your cool in this, but what can be your solution?

And things just keep getting worse for you – the pressure just keeps on building. You suffer with social anxiety, and you’re now aware that the entire office is looking at you. You can feel your blood pressure rising, but you really can’t see a way out of this.

All of a sudden, everything around seems much brighter to you… sounds become far louder… this whole experience is STRESSING YOU… and you don’t know the best thing to do about it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Next time that YOU find yourself in a stressful situation, simply become the director of your own movie. By choosing to take control of things, YOU can be the one who rises above the situation.

Here’s how to rise above a stressful situation

Start by sitting down and visualising that you have a magic wand in front of you. Pick it up, feel it, imagine being a big kid again, you’re totally able to go and zap people.

Next, visualise the person or event that is stressful for you (this works best if used on an actual person). Really let yourself go back to an actual incident, and let them get the better of you.

Then, imagine that person looking fatter, with a silly clown wig on… really make them look silly. Pop them onto some roller skates, and dress them in a tutu. Next, add some background music, a great one is something like the Benny Hill theme tune. Give them a silly squeaky voice, and get them skating backwards. You can’t help but laugh now, can you?

This is exactly what Harry’s Ridiculous Spell does – it makes a scary situation funny.

And – just like a great magic spell – it really works.

This is because it is not actually possible to feel two emotions at the same time. So, when you take charge, and edit your ‘movie’ from a drama to a comedy, and it raises a giggle – it is impossible to feel stress at the same time.

With my clients, I get them to change their movie, and their internal dialogue as many times as required, so that the movie is changed forever, and they find it impossible to feel the same way again about the thing that stresses them.

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How to banish stress instantly and feel happy and calm

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