What my clients say

Kind words from the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of helping.

Poppy Jamie – TV Presenter

Since seeing Christopher, I can honestly say he has changed my life. My anxiety levels have been substantially reduced and I now have so many new thinking techniques that I use daily. I would encourage everyone to see Christopher because he has transformed my life.

Usha Ahir – Marketing Accountant

I had a fear when I was flying.  With skydiving I was extra fearful because it seemed like quite an irrational thing to do, but I wanted to do it because it was for charity.  When I came to see Chris I hadn’t slept.  The techniques he did during the session got me thinking about how I would be feeling when I was in the plane and when I was just about to jump.  I was much calmer after that.  On the day of the skydive I wasn’t scared at all, I just did it.

Thanks very much to Chris because honestly, I don’t think I would have done it.

Nathan Wickham-Hurd

I couldn’t go on holiday and even thinking about it kept me up at night. His methods work and he really covers everything. I left feeling amazing and it was money well spent. Since working with Christopher I feel less anxious, I’m sleeping better and most importantly, I feel better about flying.

The therapy has changed my life.

Ria Lambrou

I suffered from severe claustrophobia, which stopped me from flying, going on trains, in tunnels and on elevators.

I would avoid taking vacations and most travel due to a worry of coming across something that would trigger my anxiety.

I had tried all the therapies, Cognitive Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Plant Medicine, Hypnosis, you name it, I had tried it… Nothing really seemed to work for me.

After the very first session there was a major shift in my thought process. I worked with Christopher for four sessions and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all he did for me.

I went on vacation the very next day after my fourth session. Not only did I get on a plane but I also stayed on the 11th floor of my hotel. I also took a train at the airport. So now I can take my daughter on a vacation and not have to worry.

Christopher has changed my life! Working with him is the best thing I ever did!

He is not only a therapist but a caring human being. I believe this is the reason why his methods are so effective. I could never repay him for the life he’s given back to me, but I will be forever grateful. He is truly a godsend. Thank you so much Christopher.

Robin Donaldson – PHD

I was stuck in California with a severe flight phobia.

I had cancelled 4 flights shortly before reaching out to Chris. All 4 flights I had crippling anxiety, where I couldn’t even get out of bed on the day of the flight. My problem was severe claustrophobia, and at its worst I was very anxious even when going on a subway.

I couldn’t travel back home or go on any holidays. I’m also required to travel for my work and I had to cancel these trips! The anxiety of claustrophobia was creeping into my everyday life, and soon it wasn’t just flying that gave me panic, but also things like driving over a bridge, being on the subway, etc.

I had been using Valium for years but at its peak the Valium didn’t help. I think that the drugs can assist you with flying, but if your anxiety is strong enough, no amount of drugs can help.

I was thinking “Will this work?” and “Is it too good to be true?” I wondered how these (seemingly strange) techniques could conquer huge physical symptoms from flight anxiety, including inability to eat and insomnia in the days leading up to the flight, hot flashes, and so on, but the techniques get to the root cause and beliefs behind the anxiety, and give you tonnes of support mechanisms to combat the anxiety.

I used to dread going through tunnels, over bridges, going on the subway and of course flying. These events don’t punctuate my life anymore, and now, I don’t even think of them.

Christopher cured me after not being able to step on a plane for more than a year, I’ve since I’ve been travelling non-stop for the last 15 months, visiting 23 countries, over 40 flights, living out a suitcase, and doing something I never thought before was possible. I’ve been twice around the world, and now I’m in Vancouver about to go over to Tokyo then Laos, Cambodia, Australia.

This *isn’t* too good to be true. It works,
Thank you SO much Chris.

Dr Naheed Rana – Epidemiologist, Geneticist and Public Health Intelligence Expert

As a scientist I was sceptical, cynical and curious, but because I have explored the scientific basis around it, I found that Christopher’s methodology has the same chemistry and chemical changes as some of the drugs do. All of the techniques that Chris has gone through and taught me has put this amazing confidence into me.

Rosie Bryant – Musician

The disorder that I have is renowned for being anxiety/stress driven and of all the different treatment options that I have explored to reduce levels of stress and to manage my condition, I’ve found Chris’s to be the most effective and the work that we have done has helped enormously. It’s something that I think everybody should try. Personally, I would not go to anyone else now. I have come across lots of very accomplished practitioners who do similar things, but what Chris does is very unique. I am hugely thankful for the work he has done with me.

Joanne Jobson

I was really bad around dentists, even the thought of going to see one made me cry, however, it got to the point where I couldn’t avoid going anymore. I was sceptical at first, but I found I was hugely at ease with the whole process. The fact I can now go to the dentist speaks volumes; I’m not quite sure what Christopher did but it clearly worked.

I have been to the dentist and I’ve also been to the hygienist three times since and there’s no fear, no anxiety and I don’t cry anymore. I just want to say a huge thank you to Christopher, because letting go of this fear has given me a new lease on life.

Bobby McCullough – Musician, New York City, USA

I had a phobia of spiders and many other insects and I was frustrated with the way I made decisions based on my phobia.It prevented me from going to some places and from being able to be fully present if there were spiders in the vicinity.

I had tried pretending to not be scared of bugs in front of my kid but saw only marginal results. I was worried that the therapy might not be as effective over the Internet. I was wrong.

After 3 sessions I no longer had any phobia of spiders or insects. Now I am able to remove bugs from inside of my house without any panic attacks. I am able to hold bugs in my hand and actually appreciate them for the creatures that they are.

If I was able to conquer my phobia, anyone can. Thank you!

Eliza Stuart

Before working with Christopher, I was suffering from intense health anxiety, fear of failure – actually fear of many things, and low self-worth / feeling incapable.

I was governed by fear and would experience times with my health anxiety in particular where I felt like I wouldn’t be able to continue living if I was going to suffer from this acute level of fear all of the time. I was scared of the future and scared of the past and too caught up in my head to live in the present.

Before working with Christopher, I have worked with meditation, talking therapy, yoga, education, seeing my GP and distraction. Seeing my GP provided temporary soothing, meditation worked when I could get into it, talking therapy only made things worse, actually making me ill from bringing up so much trauma but not actually dealing with it.

Working with Christopher allowed me to get to the root of these traumas and deal with them in the same session so that I felt clear and calm entering and leaving the session.

Christopher provided a very secure, supporting environment during the sessions where I felt I could openly express everything I was feeling and experiencing during the therapy and really get everything out of it that I could.

and as a result had a fantastic experience.

After every session I felt that I had conquered something huge and shifted something deep within myself that would change my life forever.

I have already recommended Christopher to two friends. I would say that if cost is a barrier for you, for the cost of one holiday, you could change your whole life forever and step into a freer version of yourself. Which is the biggest gift.

Also that this method of therapy doesn’t bring up previous trauma in the same way as other therapies and provides a direct route to dealing with the root cause. You leave the sessions feeling that you have achieved something. Let go of something. and moved on and past it.

I can’t say how much I gained from these sessions overall. They have really changed my life. Thank you, Christopher.

Louise Brown – Foley Artist

I can’t believe it, I felt a massive relief. I could talk for hours on how scared I was flying, it was terrifying. I was slightly incredulous that Christopher could remove my fear of flying, because I had that for a long period of time and it stopped me going on holiday so many times. I would definitely recommend working with Christopher. The experiences I have had since have been invaluable.

Helen Davies – Pharmaceutical Key Account Manager

I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bi polar disorder.  In one session, we got to a fundamental issue.  It was quite instant.  I would definitely recommend Chris, it absolutely works.

Francesca Fowler – Actress

Christopher Paul Jones is the person I turn to in a crisis.  He is highly skilled, committed and far exceeds the standards of most. I can’t recommend him highly enough. There isn’t a problem that he can’t fix!  Thank you so much Christopher for all of your help.

Lisa Lallouz

I have struggled with anxiety and fear of flying throughout my entire life. As my anxiety was increasing to feelings of panic and actual panic attacks and my fear of flying began spreading to other areas of my life, such as driving on the highway or going to the movie theatre, I became desperate for help. For a whopping 11 year period I didn’t fly. I missed vacations, my honeymoon, business opportunities and countless family events.

I began to believe I was untreatable. As I had been suffering for 31 years.

After every session I feel a lightness and a joy that I have not felt in years. Fast forward to now and everyone close to me notices a difference in how I am carrying myself and even the tone of my voice. I am now able to do regular activities with ease and joy. I go to concerts, movies, drive on the highways, and yes, I am flying again! 14 hours across the world direct, without breaking a sweat! In general, this breakthrough has touched every aspect of my life as I am living freely without modifying myself based on fears. This is freedom. This is healing.

Toby McCartney – NLP Master Trainer

Christopher Jones is one of the best coaches and trainers that I have ever seen.  He takes the basic principles, right up to the really technical stuff and really does put them into action, not only for his clients, but in his personal life and I think that shows a true genius. I can honestly say if you are looking to make a change in your life, then I can only really recommend Christopher Jones.

Jennifer Banavidez – Dance Instructor

Before I met him, when I felt turbulence, especially over water, I would think about drowning. Now I don’t think about that and I feel better about flying. Life is meant to be lived in happiness and joy and it’s about getting rid of the problem.

I have had 2 sessions with Christopher and found him to genuinely care, and work incredibly hard to ensure that his clients get the very most from every session and that they are freed from whatever phobias, emotional baggage, career blocks etc they arrive with. I would, and have recommended him to friends.

Naomie Harris

O.B.E Hollywood Actress, BAFTA , Golden Globe & Oscar Nominee

I had a fear of waves because I nearly drowned in Florida when I was 9, everything went to black and I had a lifeguard come and save me.

Since then I’ve had a fear of water and waves, I wasn’t able to go visit a beach, swim in the ocean or even sit at a restaurant near the sea, I was just so terrified.

I had tried to get over it on numerous occasions but nothing had helped.

The session with Christopher was really amazing. I didn’t expect to see such fast results.

Now when I imagine sitting by Malibu Beach, I don’t feel scared anymore. Thank you Christopher for this amazing experience.

Rosemary Lloyd

Model, Actress Former Miss UK and Miss Worldwide.

I used to be terrified of turbulence when flying, then I worked with Christopher, and now I get so happy when there might be turbulence, I actually look forward to it. Arezoo Kaviani – Celebrity Beauty Therapist

Arezoo Kaviani

Celebrity Beauty Therapist

Chris is always there when I need help, his methods have had a positive effect on my wellbeing.

Suki Waterhouse

Model, Actress, Celebrity


He worked with me on my snake phobia.  I no longer have a fear of snakes.  He also helped me move past my own blocks around relationships and work problems.

Having started down my new life’s path, I am happy and enthusiastic about where my life is going and what I am doing.

I often recommend Christopher to many people and will continue to do so because I believe others can benefit from the great work he does.

Liss Morgan


I just want to take a couple of minutes to tell everybody your programme rocks and if you get the opportunity to check out Christopher then make it happen.

Joseph McClendon

Motivational Speaker and #1 Coach for Tony Robbins

Christopher is one of the most skillful and pragmatic coach’s working in the UK today and his work with clients nothing short of outstanding.

It is fair to say that there are few others with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Christopher has accumulated, and this shows in his work with clients and the results that he helps them to achieve.

Paul Crick

Management Consultant

I had a fear of flying that I’d been suffering with for over 15 years. The thought of flying would cause so much anxiety and I had been trying to push it to the back of my mind and avoid doing anything about it. As well as the anxiety that it caused me, it was causing a lot of stress for those travelling with me, including my partner. I had almost accepted that it was an issue that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life.

My session with Christopher was life changing. In just over one hour the fear that I had been living with and had been affecting my life significantly was removed. It’s as if I’ve been literally reprogrammed.

.The change in me was incredible. My partner, who usually witnesses the anxiety and stress I face, couldn’t believe the change. I was able to relax on the flight, enjoy the experience and the first step onto the plane was the beginning of our holiday. Since then I have taken many flights and I have suffered very little anxiety. In fact, on a recent holiday to Greece, even when the aircraft was diverted, I was able to stay calm.

As well as allowing me to remove my fear of flying, I have noticed a number of other changes in the way I approach situations.

I’ve had a long-standing fear of needles, including injections and blood tests. Since my appointment with Christopher I have required both of these things, and have been able to face them with very little anxiety.

He has changed my life. I would like to thank Christopher for his help with what had become a long-term issue in both mine and my family’s life.

Kate Lloyd

Marketing Director at Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd

I came to Christopher with a fear of riding in elevators. I had the feeling of it breaking down/crashing down and every bump or sound made me tense up.

I really felt like every time I had to take the elevator would be my last day. It’s not a good feeling to have several times a day.

I tried to just keep telling my self that it will be fine, but the fear got stronger every time.

When I was thinking of working with Christopher, I was concerned as to whether it would really work on me and would it be less effective over Skype. But it was very easy and went really well.

When Christopher ‘cured’ my fear of elevators I felt so happy. It was the best feeling afterwards, like a ton of weight had been lifted of my shoulders. I have a much more relaxed state of mind. I feel like it is possible to get rid of your fear, what ever the fear might be.

Even small fears that me and Christopher didn’t work on have gone away. And that’s a nice bonus.

To get rid of fear in your life is the most awesome feeling there is.

Working with Christopher was great and I really like what he does. It feels so amazing to be able to do things I haven’t been able to do before. Living with fear is one of the worst feelings to have. It blocks you from living your life.

Do it!!

Fredrik Preinfalk

Consultant, Sweden

After working with Christopher, I felt 100% fine about the lead up to my flight. All was well and I was even able to grab a nap! I was there and was relaxed enough to take a shot whilst enjoying the view. The weekend was lovely in Denmark and I didn’t once dread the flight back. I appeared calm and relaxed according to my husband, and didn’t once look worried and once landed, I felt 100% happy to book another flight and do it all again!! It was my first flight in 10 years and it felt fantastic. I could visit countries again (beyond France ). Thank you so much – I honestly could not have done it without you. Hugely appreciate all your efforts, it’s changed everything for myself and my family and our future holidays!

Helen Cuthbertson


I know my fear of spiders. I know that it is very astute. It’s pretty much a reflex and I didn’t think that was possible to change. But Christopher completely proved me wrong I felt completely different afterwards.

Darcy Keeble Watson

Actor London UK

I saw Christopher in an attempt to give up smoking

I had tried for many years to break the habit, used nicotine patches, had acupuncture and on several occasions had gone cold turkey which lasted a few months before I would go back to it.

The session with Christopher was professional and relaxing and I left confident that I had broken the habit once and for all.

The changes are obvious. I am no longer tied to a dirty and expensive habit.

Jani Selig

British Airways

I had a fear of flying that became so unbearable that I began driving instead

Working with Christopher I felt seen and understood, from that place I was able to open up to the technique’s he provided to help me shift my thoughts and create a new experience while flying.

Christopher is a powerful support for overcoming fears and phobias, not only from his extensive training and experience, but because he has “been there.” When a therapist can overcome the same experience you are having, he is able to fully understand and have compassion in a way unlike any other.

Right from the first session he makes you feel seen and validates how the grip of fear/phobia has taken over your life. He walks you through a process of learning techniques that create new pathways of thinking, new associations and the tools to create a pathway toward healing the damage to your being.

The analogies and explanations for why you struggle on a personal level and a community level helps make sense of what you are going through. But it is his facilitation of the tools he offers that begin to build a new awareness and understanding that creates empowerment and confidence to gain control of your life again.

I can’t say enough great things about this man. He is authentic in his role, and he helps hand your life back to you when you’re done. No amount of money can equate to the value of having your life free from debilitating fear/anxiety/phobias.

I am so grateful that I found him in my online search and that I have him as a resource for the future. And after having a wonderful flying experience immediately after working with him, I now know that with each flight I will continue to become more assured.

I don’t need to feel ashamed or broken anymore., I feel confident and excited to travel again I have restored trust in myself, and the world can feel safe again, do yourself a favor and reach Christoper, he is the real deal. Thank you Christopher for all you do. I appreciate you.

Isabell Springer

Therapist from USA

I had a panic attacks while driving and developed a fear of driving, I wasn’t able to visit family or just come and go to wherever I wanted to go, I felt trapped.

After having the session, I can now drive, I feel free, I almost can’t comprehend how his method worked. but it works!!!!

I want to say thank Chris for changing my life!!

Elizabeth Brazzero

United States, New Jersey

I had issues with self-sabotage that were stopping me from forming or maintaining romantic relationships.

After just two sessions with Christopher, we uncovered issues from my earlier life that I had not been aware of that were contributing to my avoidant /sabotaging behaviors.

Since seeing Christopher I have felt clearer and more connected with myself and my feelings. I feel like working with Christopher gave me two pieces of the jigsaw that helped me understand why I had behaved in a certain way, and helped me make peace with these past issues.

I can communicate more consciously and confidently, and am deliberately making different choices now,

I would thoroughly recommend working with Christopher.

He has helped me understand parts of my life that I didn’t even realise were having an impact on who I am today.



I initially came to Chris to quit smoking and combat my fear of flying but I quickly realised that the problem ran much deeper than that. I was tired, angry, super sad and quite lost after a break-up, and I had been ignoring all of those feelings. It had cut me off from feeling happy and empowered in my own life.

The work was really surprising. I was impressed by how quickly he got to the core of the issue, and how positive and dynamic his way of working is.

He’s helped me free myself from age-old patterns that have been holding me back.  I quit smoking, and reconnected to my positive, hopeful outlook on life.

If you’re thinking of working with Christopher Do it! Immediately, if not sooner.

The man is a genius.

C.S Berger

I had a few problems that I wanted to work out with Chris. The first was a fear of flying and the second was anxiety that derived from a stressful job. I was highly strung and experiencing panic attacks that I couldn’t control. It was beginning to affect my working life.

I was terrified of getting on a plane. I was beginning to psych myself up more and more about the idea of having to get on a plane. Journeys were incredibly uncomfortable, and I was on edge the whole time. I was unable to control my mind and kept running away with worst case scenarios.

Anxiety was preventing me from being able to do my job properly. I was constantly fearful that something was going to go wrong and I was finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions about really small, seemingly insignificant things, because my mind was so clouded. I was isolating myself and feeling worried and anxious all the time and was really unhappy in my life. I really wanted to fix it, but I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen. I was caught in a cycle of feeling depressed about everything.

Seeing Chris was the best thing I ever did, because I think I was using excuses to mask certain things. The time with Chris forced me to remove the mask and confront things head on; it felt like a cleanse or a detox.

I used to look at planes in the sky and feel sick, but I don’t have that sensation any longer. Chris taught me techniques to stop me getting to a point where I was on the way to having a panic attack. He has also been a constant source of support.

He is trained and experienced at what he does. The most reassuring thing is that Chris does not tell you what your problems are. He has numerous techniques that allow you to reach the destination of your problem yourself.

Chris has actually changed my life. I’m so grateful to have met him, and I honestly wish more people had the chance to work with him. I am so much happier now, and I’ve learnt a huge amount about why I respond to things in the way that I do. Self discovery is important, and Chris has been instrumental in helping me realise that.

Emily Margaret Austen

Talent Agent

He has a knack of asking the right questions and challenging the way your thought processes work. His unique approach and level of knowledge is unquestionable and all of the techniques he employs come together to bring amazing results in a ridiculously fast time.

Quite simply…….IT WORKS!! In my personal experience, the most surprising thing is that I cannot even remember the details of why or what I was actually scared of in the first place.

Chris adapts to you, as opposed to you having to adapt to him. His aim is to get to the root of the problem as fast as possible and deal with it, and that is exactly what he does.

I have worked with counsellors and coaches and I can honestly say that I have never even come close to getting the outcomes and results that I have had working with Chris.

I have worked with Chris over a number of sessions. Some people have one issue, for others it’s like peeling an onion. I am the latter. One thing I am absolutely certain of, with each layer that is permanently removed,

Chris speaks fluent subconscious; he is a master!!

Mandy Collins

Holistic Therapist

I was starting feel very anxious and claustrophobic, things I had never had issues with before. One of the places I started to feel worse was on planes. I wasn’t afraid of flying but suddenly, after a very stressful period in my life, I had a panic attack onboard of a plane and due to this I was afraid of flying again.

I’m not originally from the UK and visiting family and friends means flying, so it was a huge problem to have had develop. 

Before working with Chris I was a bit sceptical but also intrigued.

I’ve had two sessions with him now and both were great! I felt very uplifted and it was like something had been taken off my shoulders. Before when I talked about flying, I would get nervous and now it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m really excited about booking my next flight. 

I’d definitely recommend Chris and I have already told friends about him that I know would benefit from his work.

Thank you for the help!


I had a phobia of thunderstorms since I was a child and had despaired of ever overcoming the phobia.

The noise of thunder really freaked me out. I used to dive for cover, with my hands covering my ears and felt really ashamed to have this phobia. I also had a fear of freaking out in front of other people and especially in front of my classes if a storm happened while I was teaching.

I tried CBT and hypnosis tapes before approaching Chris and I was afraid that Christopher’s therapy might not work.

The sessions were totally different to what I felt really comfortable working with Chris, and I trusted him to help me to overcome the phobia.

I hardly think about thunderstorms now and don’t check the weather forecasts anymore. I went on holiday to Scotland shortly after I finished therapy with Chris and a storm broke one evening. I was much calmer when I heard the noise of the thunder and didn’t need to put my hands over my ears. The thunder felt further away somehow, and I was more indifferent to it.

I also used to pick the skin on my thumbs compulsively. Since the therapy sessions, I stopped skin picking and my thumbs are now healing. I got two results for the price of one!

Investing in therapy sessions with Christopher is an investment in yourself.

I now feel calmer and more confident. A lot of psychic energy that had been used up for years worrying about and anticipating storms (most of which didn’t happen) and feeling bad about my reactions during storms has now been freed.

The process was pain-free and although it was unusual, it was also fun. I learned a lot about myself during the sessions. The fact that the therapy can occur successfully over zoom is also a great advantage.

It’s such a relief! Whatever phobia a person has been living with doesn’t have to be for the rest of their life if they invest in therapy with Christopher.

Roisin McCabe

Teacher from Ireland

My problem was flying. I’ve had it for 10 years and it was getting progressively worse and worse. I hate heights, so being that high up felt horrific. I’d rarely fly and if I did I’d cling on for dear life the entire time and I avoided work and holiday trips that included flying. I’d find any excuse to avoid it and I had just resigned myself to not being able to fix the issue.

I knew 2 people who had worked with Chris before and they got great results, however my concern was if it would work for me.

My session was relaxed, focused and really insightful. It opened my eyes to how we are not born with anxiety – we create it – so we can remove it.

Within weeks of seeing Christopher I flew to Los Angeles and back again. 20 hours of flying with no anxiety, no worries and no fear. It was one of the best flights (twice!). I was relaxed and even enjoyed it. It was unbelievable. I never imagined that it would be possible… and it was!

Thank you Chris. You made the seemingly impossible very, very, possible!

Alex Segal

Acting Agent

My problem was flying. I’ve had it for 10 years and it was getting progressively worse and worse. I hate heights, so being that high up felt horrific. I’d rarely fly and if I did I’d cling on for dear life the entire time and I avoided work and holiday trips that included flying. I’d find any excuse to avoid it and I had just resigned myself to not being able to fix the issue.

I knew 2 people who had worked with Chris before and they got great results, however my concern was if it would work for me.

My session was relaxed, focused and really insightful. It opened my eyes to how we are not born with anxiety – we create it – so we can remove it.

Within weeks of seeing Christopher I flew to Los Angeles and back again. 20 hours of flying with no anxiety, no worries and no fear. It was one of the best flights (twice!). I was relaxed and even enjoyed it. It was unbelievable. I never imagined that it would be possible… and it was!

Thank you Chris. You made the seemingly impossible very, very, possible!

Jennifer Howard-Dobson


Christopher really walks his talk. He has a vast variety of techniques/skills/tools and a lot of practical experience which I personally had many breakthroughs with. I got rid of fears and unwanted habits. Highly commendable.

Maddy Malhotra

Speaker, Coach and Author

I just wanted to thank you for changing my life for the better!  When I came to see you I was struggling with a debilitating fear of flying that I had lived with for around 30 years!  As someone who works internationally this was proving incredibly stressful and I was at the point of being forced into a career change.

I had previously tried hypnosis and airline Fear of Flying courses in order to try to alleviate my fear.  I had spent over £1000.00 and sadly without success.  I was not convinced you could help, despite seeing your very impressive results on You Tube.

After one hour with you I left feeling very ‘zen’ and content!  On my next flight, to my great surprise, I felt so much better!  I have flown tens of times since and each time I feel fine.  You seem to also have cured me of my fear of heights – last week I holidayed in London and really enjoyed a trip on the London Eye with my family – I would never have got on before!

I feel more confident with life in general.  Thank you so much, you have helped me beyond measure.

Susan Lawton

Sales Manager

As an NLP Trainer I look for the highest standards in those that I work with and receive coaching from.  Chris combines many models that he has studied and developed over the years with fantastic results.  He is approachable and intuitive and will get straight to the heart of your presenting problem, so be prepared for change.  I highly recommend him.

Stephanie Buckley

Social Entrepreneur and Trainer

After working with Christopher, my flight on Friday was a success! There were no tears or nervousness at all. It’s still hard to explain and I’m still trying to take it all in. The thought of going to the airport, going through security and waiting around bored me instead of making me feel nervous. When I got on the plane instead of a wave of anxiety, I felt a wave of confidence and excitement. We even had some turbulence towards the end of the flight and it didn’t bother me at all (I even smiled!!). My attitude has completely changed when turbulence happens now. If I think about turbulence I feel very laid back about it all, instead of fearing that it’s going to get worse.

After the session I think I still felt a bit confused about my thoughts on flying. I couldn’t decide if I really was feeling these emotions or if I was just making it up. Now I know for sure that I can feel confident getting on a plane and I just can’t explain how happy that makes me.

Sarah Howley

after working with Christopher on BBC Tv's Skies Above Britain Documentary

Since I was young I have a had a fear of flying that had progressively got worse over years and had developed in to a living nightmare. Every time I attempted to travel somewhere that involved flying,

Before working with Christopher I was at my worst with my fear of flying. My fear had taken over. It was intense and unbearable and I would have nightmares, panic attacks, cry, be anxious and have an overwhelming feeling of dread at the thought of flying.

I had tried many different approaches to conquering the fear of flying, but it wouldn’t go away no matter how much I focused on ignoring it.

My session was so refreshing. From the minute we started the process, I could feel change and things shifting My fear of flying had been broken down and it was strange, as I no longer felt this fear I had before the session, it had been removed.

I felt instantly lighter and from the moment I left, like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

A week later, I was due to fly to America. It was a nine hour flight, which before would have filled me with anxiety and dread. The most amazing thing was that I enjoyed the flight.

My anxiety levels have also dropped in all aspects of my life. I have found more rational and clear minded thought patterns now and in general no fear. I am now in control.

For somebody thinking of working with Christopher, I would say that it has changed my life and from here onwards I do not have fear holding me back. He really gets to the root of the problem and finds a solution and a way to create movement and change in thought patterns, and for that I am truly grateful!

Nick Cooke

Student of London Fashion

I had a fear of driving on highways for more than half of my life. I would get panic attacks when driving and felt out of control and I would have to get off the highway.  I tried to deal with it by ignoring it and telling myself that this was not rationale or normal, but logic did not help. I found myself seeking back road routes to avoid getting the panic attacks. I got to the point where I couldn’t even get onto a highway.

I thought of seeking medication for this, but I didn’t want to be dependent on pharmaceuticals.  I searched the internet for help and tried watching videos to help myself out of it, but again most were trying to apply logic to irrational fears.

I came upon videos by Christopher Paul Jones and decided to email him for help.

By doing Skype sessions with Chris I was able to dig deep and find the causes of what was going on for me. Now, not only can I drive on highways freely and without fear, I am actually enjoying it.

I am very glad that I did this for myself and would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to take control of their fears or phobias and wants to start to enjoy life more without all the stress and worry.

Arlene Breau


I had a fear of enclosed places and it felt hopeless. I felt it was getting worse each day and I never would have thought it could be cured. I even tried to medicate but it had such horrible side effects.

I was scared of getting into elevators, onto trains or flights and even buses sometimes. Besides that, I also had other fears such as fear of going to new places and fear of travelling alone.

My session with Christopher was insightful and interesting. It felt as though my own emotions were playing with me and I got a deeper understanding about life and how our own thoughts can control us.

After working with Christopher, I wasn’t sure if I was over my fears. I thought I might still need few more sessions but thought ‘why not I give it a try?’.

Today I can proudly say that I have overcome my fears completely. I flew to Australia in May 2019 and am living here with my husband and my son.

Its only because of Christopher that I am experiencing this freedom and I can’t thank him enough for giving me my life back.

If you’re thinking of working with Christopher, my advice would be just go for it. Break free and live the life of your dreams, it’s totally worth it. With Christopher it really is possible. It’s Magic!

Sahil Mohammed

from India

I had been married 2 years, but hadn’t had a honeymoon because of my fear of flying.
Chris is a fantastic and genuine man who truly helped me. I had a huge phobia of flying and since seeing him last year I’ve travelled 3 times, and will be going abroad again very soon. I done a lot of research and was very sceptical at first, but quickly realised that Chris was genuine. Thanks Chris, you’re brilliant at what you do.

Nilam Kay

I used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks that left me unable to travel due to my fear of flying and planes. Despite trying various methods to overcome my fear, I was unable to find relief until I started working with Christopher. Each session with him was unique and I always felt a sense of improvement after each one.

Since beginning my journey with Chris, I have seen significant changes in my personal life. I am now more confident, determined, and free from panic attacks. To my surprise, I now love flying and planes.

I am so grateful that I was able to work with Christopher over zoom, making it a convenient and effective option for me. The progress I’ve made is truly immeasurable and I cannot express enough gratitude towards Christopher for his support.”

Jose Sorto

Construction Worker

I had feelings of terror about an upcoming flight that seemed to come out of nowhere. I had always loved flying, though I had to admit it had become harder for me in recent years and I noticed I no longer loved it and avoided it whenever possible, even not going on vacations with friends and family. Flying felt impossibly horrendous in my mind, and I was ready to just skip my upcoming flight and miss the whole vacation. It was very distressing to be this panicked.

I used the 60 Second Panic Solution, but needed more help. I bought SOAR- a book about fear of flying. The book helped when the flight was months away, but wasn’t comforting to me in the 2 weeks before the flight, when the panic overtook me. I also purchased a Fear of Flying audio from Hypnosis Downloads. But it still didn’t make me feel “safe” after I was done doing it; only while I was doing it.

I considered Christopher’s method, but thought it wouldn’t work. Not that I thought he was unqualified, but I thought my anxiety was that big and monstrous.

However, I also felt I had nothing to lose. After working with Chris, it was wonderful, I felt so empowered. I have had to deal with anxiety and panic attacks and fear issues since childhood. So for me, I had many opportunities to practice these skills. My flight to Aruba was wonderful, it was such a delight to fly.

Absolutely, go for it, without hesitation. He is wonderful and he knows his stuff very well.

Jill Green


I had been scared of flying since my first flight aged 3 (30 years ago). Although I was able to get on a plane, it was getting to the point where I wasn’t sure how many more times I could do it. It was influencing my decision to travel. I would make excuses to not go on holidays or visit family. If I did fly, it was a seriously dramatic event for me with near unbearable levels of anxiety in the run up to the flight and during it.

I didn’t think anything could really help me. My only concern was that I was going to pour money down the drain and still be terrified of flying!!

I really enjoyed the session with Christopher, it was very relaxing and nice to spend time focusing on myself rather than others. Afterwards I felt incredibly calm and very sleepy. I have flown to Cyprus and back and behaved like a different person during both flights. I actually enjoyed the experience. I was very surprised by how easily I managed to control my anxiety. I also feel as if I could apply the same techniques to my fear of snakes. I would highly recommend Christopher and tell people to embrace his techniques because they really do work!

I only wish I had met Christopher sooner because he has changed my life for the better, and I will be taking flying lessons soon.

Vanessa Hook

Riding Centre Manager

I had a fear of flying and having panic attacks on a plane and I felt like I would never be able to overcome it. I wanted to visit different places with my family but was always reluctant because that would mean flying. I had tried so many things to get over it including fear of flying courses, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and medicine, but nothing lasting effect.

After working with Christopher over Skype, I felt very relaxed and absolutely amazing. I felt so different in a good way. Now when thinking of flying, I no longer get nervous at all and in addition I have noticed my generalised anxiety has significantly reduced.

If you have tried other things and found limited to no success, then you have to meet with Christopher. I’m blessed to have met him.



I had a fear of flying which affected every flight I was on. I was petrified of panicking and feeling like I couldn’t escape.

It made me disengage from the enjoyment of a holiday. It caused issues when looking at holidays with my partner and seriously affected my holiday.

Before going to Christopher, I had tried hypnotherapy from two different people along with diazepam from the doctor

I was worried I would be left out of pocket and that I would be annoyed at myself at trying to get rid of something that was just built into me.

Whilst speaking with Chris we discussed my fear of lifts as well as flying. I went to Mallorca on holiday and used the lift every day at least 3 times without difficulty.

I was fully aware that I had had a fear of flying and expected to feel awful however I just didn’t, as soon as I was sat on the seat, I felt the best I’ve felt on a plane for years.

I never thought that I’d be okay on a plane ever again however I couldn’t believe how well I done. I was absolutely fine and actually enjoyed the flight and the areas that I was anxious about were nothing

Craig Stobie - Police officer from Scotland

Panic attacks and anxiety in a lot of normal scenarios that affected my daily life. Lots of scenarios from getting in an elevator, getting on the tube, and getting on a plane, even going in a tunnel or a room that’s locked would trigger me. Any scenarios where escape is difficult and I am not in control or I fear I cannot cope. This made me feel terrible about myself and caused me anxiety even when not in any of the above scenarios.

It’s stopped me from going into the office for work, prevented me from booking holidays, I used to walk instead of taking elevators, it isolated me from friends on occasion. I tried to “man up” and exposure therapy.

I wondered if Christopher would actually be able to make any difference in my life. I also had concerns about the price and then realised I would pay someone 10x that if I knew they could help me.

Now after working with him, I think he could be charging a lot more, considering the impact he can have on your life.

I now feel unstoppable. I am writing this as I am sitting on a plane off on my holidays, I have not been on a plane in nearly 3 years and I feel so proud of myself, for what I have achieved with the guidance of Christopher.

I now know I can handle any scenarios that life throws at me, I am strong and confident that I will live the life I am supposed to live. I don’t let any fear stop me from doing anything now. I am in control of my own mind and can choose how to live my life. I am on a journey to overcoming anything that I fear and know I will be there soon.

I would like to thank you Christopher for all your support along my journey.

Ashley Smith

Commercial Transformation Manager

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