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Get Relief From Your Fear Or Phobia. 

Treat your fear or phobia, even if nothing else has previously worked for you. 

Whether it’s a fear of flying, public speaking, anxiety, stress, or another issue – you are not alone with that and I am here to help you.

Go from fear to freedom in the fastest time possible, with me, Christopher Paul Jones, The Breakthrough Expert. 

Harley Street- Central London location.

Does not require 'Exposure' to the thing you fear.

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Sessions Are Bespoke To Meet Individual Needs

001 Naomie

002 GQ
003 Rosmary
004 Hello
005 Suki
006 Harpers Bazaar Magazine
007 Poppy
008 London Evening Standard
009 Naheed
010 Oh Comely Magazine

Chris Jones, Phobia Expert.

Christopher Paul Jones Phobia Specialists work is featured regularly on international TV, radio, and in the press, including the BBC, CBC, Hello, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and national newspapers.

Christopher’s clients come from all over the world to see him in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and he counts Hollywood actors, Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters, and celebrities among them.

Now, YOU too can be free from your fear, anxiety, or phobia, find out about the areas that he treats and how you can benefit from working with him by clicking the button below. 

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