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Wing and a Prayer

Beat your fear of flying – the top 10 plane myths exposed. From the chance of a crash to mis-conceptions about turbulence, beat the most common flying fears with stone cold facts.Christopher Paul Jones has taken on ten of the most common myths about air travel, to prove to nervous flyers they don’t need to worry.

Christopher Paul Jones in Closer Magazine

Do you suffer with anxiety? Follow these 7 steps to beat it

Do you suffer with anxiety? Follow these 7 steps to beat it. Are you terrified of flying, do spiders make you scream, or does the idea of giving birth fill you with utter dread? Whatever’s causing your anxiety, celebrity therapist Christopher Paul Jones, says anyone can help themselves take control.

Christopher Paul Jones in The Daily Express

REVEALED: 10 ways to conquer your FEAR of flying before your summer holiday

Christopher Paul Jones, a Harley Street therapist known as the Breakthrough Expert who specialis-es in helping people overcome their phobias, gives his 10 top tips for beating the fear.

Christopher Paul Jones in GQ Magazine

How to cure your phobias

A Harley Street therapist shares his tips for overcoming everything from OCD to panic attacks. Christopher Paul Jones, bestows his best advice on curing your phobias and anxieties. Jones specialises in helping people let go of their fears, anxieties and phobias.

Christopher Paul Jones in Hello Magazine

5 easy ways to reduce anxiety

Anxiety can be an extremely debilitating condition, and it affects a large percentage of the population – most of us can probably recall feeling stressed or anxious at some point in our lives. While anxiety can feel overwhelming, there are a few simple techniques you can employ to alleviate it quickly.

Christopher Paul Jones in the Press

5 Winning Tips to Help You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking has been nominated countless of times as the most popular fear—more than the fear of death, heights, and snakes. Christopher Paul Jones is a London-based Harley Street therapist, and he is going to share his practices with you.

Yours Magazine

How to Cure a Phobia
Scared of spiders? Afraid of flying?
Face your fears & find your way to the future with these simple techniques.


Could Harry Potter offer the solution when it comes to fixing your phobia? Could a magic spell be the cure you’re looking for?

Women’s Fitness

Anxiety and how to break the cycle
The first step is to identify that you are suffering from anxiety and examine the triggers.

Daily Star

CAMILLA Parker-Bowles has a phobia of lifts.

Christopher said that experiences such as going in a lift, or watching a film about a lift crash, could be enough to trigger the phobia.

Chiswick Magazine

Game of thrones what the hound can teach us about phobias and how to deal with them.

Female First

Is a reaction to fear keeping you single?

Did you know that, generally, when faced with something that we fear in our relationship, we, as humans, will turn to one of three reactions.

Daily Mail

From tapping your temples to shifting your EYES: Seven easy ways to cure your fear of flying (from a therapist who overcame his own phobia)

Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones shares his top tips


Expert Reveals How To Cure Your Fear Of Spiders In Just Three Steps

We spoke to ‘The Breakthrough Expert’ Christopher Paul Jones to find out how to overcome your biggest fears.

The Press & Journal

Festive therapy change your mind set.

Christopher Is a therapist based In Harley street and he specialises in anxiety disorders and he believes…

Sloan Magazine

How to overcome the stress of city living.

Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones shares his four top tips to help you cope with the stress of London living this summer.

Peoples Friend

I have and irrational fear of Bird’s which is now starting to rub of on my daughter how do I overcome this?

Lumity Life Magazine

How to banish stress instantly and feel happy and calm

Christopher Paul Jones, has come up with a magical way to banish stress and it’s a technique that his high-flying corporate clients use when dealing with stressful work situations.And, it’s much more fun than you would imagine. Paul has written down this technique for Lumity Life magazine and he explains it in detail and why it works.

Female First

Ten ways to alleviate your fear of rejection.

If you have a fear of being rejected by a potential romantic partner- here are some top tips to help you channel that fear into something positive instead.

Good To Know Magazine

Overcoming fear: How can we prevent passing our fears onto our kids?

It’s important to realise fear is an important evolutionary tool. It’s our mind’s way of trying to keep us safe,’ says behavioural expert Christopher Paul Jones, who has a specialist clinic in London’s Har-ley Street.

International Business Times

What it’s like to watch Blue Planet II when you’re pathologically afraid of water.

Christopher Jones is a leading expert in phobias and says thalassophobia “is basically a fear of water and specifically thoughts of oceans.”

Natural Health Magazine

The unnatural sensation of boarding a metal aircraft to be taken above the clouds can be daunting, which is why we caught up with Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones to find out his 10-step plan to help you overcome a fear of flying.

Female First

10 Ways to tackle your fear of commitment

Fear of commitment can feel like you’re being pulled in two different direc-tions, as you try to avoid making the wrong decision.

Positive Health

Suicide – Is It All in Your Mind?

In this article, Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones talks about Suicide and asks the questions, ‘is it all in your mind?’.

The Tab Magazine

How to stop overthinking.

Christopher told us the common reasons behind overthinking, and how you can prevent yourself from getting carried away.

Affinity Magazine

Feeling stuck in your life.

Christopher Paul Jones tells us how to get unstuck and live the life you dream of.

Absolutely London

Don’t let the busyness of city living get on top of you.

Create good mental health habits with Christopher Paul Jones’s four top tips for coping with stress.

The Tab Magazine

Stop saying you’ve got OCD if you’re just tidy.

Constant anxiety and fear is not the same as just being tidy The Tab spoke to phobias and anxi-ety expert Christopher Paul Jones about how to differentiate between the two, and what you can do if you suffer from OCD

Affinity Magazine

How to overcome the stress of city living.

Overcome your fear of flying.

Has a fear of flying stopped you take the holiday of your dreams? Don’t worry a flying phobia can be cured.

Daily Express

Jordan North health: I’m A Celeb star has ‘so many phobias’ – treatment to face your fears

Health Magazine

Fight or flight flying phobia myths debunked.


Hannah Slater, a 26-year-old woman from London, had to spend the past five Christmases alone due to her debilitating phobia of tinsel.

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Christopher On BBC2 Skies above Britain

Christopher On BBC1’s The One Show

Christopher Paul Jones Interviewed on BBC Radio about dealing with Christmas Anxiety

Christopher on BBC Cornwall

Christopher talks about flying phobias.

Christopher fear of loud noises and fireworks.

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Christopher on Radio talks about treating phobias

Spider documentary

Christopher Cures a fear of spiders

Christopher Talking about Phobias

Christopher removes a fear of dentist on live TV

Part 1

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Christopher BBC radio talking about Fears of Halloween

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