If you have been watching ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ you will have witnessed Radio One DJ Jordan North fall to pieces as he underwent a trial that had him facing his fear of snakes and enclosed spaces.

Now, the public reaction to Jordan Norths’ behavior has somewhat been divided, with some claiming that he was being dramatic, whilst winning the hearts of others.

Fans took to Twitter and brandished him a liar, some saying that he had reacted in a way similar to Gillian (McKeith). Others, however, were concerned for the Radio One DJ’s welfare, as they began to speculate about whether he had a phobia.

Never one to shy away from talking about Phobias – here is my take on it.

Jordan North Has A Phobia Of Snakes. He Also Has Claustrophobia.

Nobody can ever really know whether someone is acting or being real when it comes to displaying signs of phobia. All we can do is go on what we witnessed, and it is in my opinion that Jordan North has a phobia.

Two phobias to be exact here – Jordan North has a Phobia Of Snakes and A Fear Of Enclosed Spaces, better known as Claustrophobia.

Jordan appeared to be physically, visibly shaken, close to having a meltdown and screaming out that he was scared. Jordan admitted before entering the show, that he was so scared of snakes that he could not even face watching them on TV and that he would struggle with Bushtucker Trials that required him to be in an enclosed space, such as a coffin.

For the Bushtucker trial, Jordan endured the Viper Challenge, where he was shut inside a coffin, full of slithering snakes.


There Is A Difference Between Facing Your Fear And Facing Your Phobia.

Fears are something that we ALL experience, and yes, to some extent when you participate in a show like ‘I’m A Celebrity’, you go in there expecting to face your fears. However, there is a huge difference between facing a fear, and facing your phobia. If you read my blog post the other week, you will know the difference between the two 🙂 If you haven’t then you can read that here. 

Phobias are not based on logic, and you cannot just talk yourself through them. You will also display dramatic behaviour, as your fear rises to an uncontrollable level, and takes over you. You go into fight, flight or freeze mode, and Jordan displayed signs of that as he froze, and then attempted to get away from the situation.

Phobias Require Professional Treatment And I Am Happy To Treat Jordan Norths’ Phobias.

Jordan North should seek specialist help for his Snake Phobia and his Claustrophobia and I am happy to be of help with that when he exits the Castle. A Phobia needs to be worked on at the root cause, and I can take Jordan back to a time in his life, where his phobias originated. Through getting to the root cause, we can then change the emotions attached to that memory and ‘remove’ his phobia.

So Can You Be Cured Of A Phobia?

Yes, you can indeed be cured of a phobia, and the cure is relatively simple if you visit a therapist who is trained in Phobias. If you have a Phobia that you would like treated, then book your free consultation with me and let’s talk. Book your call here. 

What Advice Can I Give To Jordan North To Help Him Cope With His Phobias?

The advice that I would give to Jordan, is to speak to bosses at the show and let them know that this is not a laughing matter and that although he is prepared to face other fears and do his bit in the trials, putting him face to face with the things that he has previously discussed as being serious fears (i.e phobias) is not advisable, nor is it a laughing matter.

It may be that Jordan is not fully aware of how his fear is actually a phobia and has not sought treatment because like hundreds of other people, he just assumes that this is something that he has to live with,

Jordan, if you read this, this is not the case, and you can always be free from your phobia. I will be in touch.

I would also suggest that Jordan use a technique such as EMDR to desensitize himself to the memories, and phobia, which was mentioned in an article in the Express (as was I) which you can look at here. 

Whilst thinking of the thing that scares you, move your eyes, left to right, over and over, increasing the speed, whilst you think of the original memory or event that scared you. This is, of course, just one technique to use and I use a system called the Integrated Change System that gets rid of a phobia for good. You can read some of the testimonials of happy clients and journalists at christopherpauljones.com here.  

I hope this helps, if you have a phobia, it is the fact that people often laugh at your reactions, that forces you to hide things, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about, so I urge you to book a call with me and let’s talk. 

I hope you have a great week and if you do watch the show, let me know what you think.

Speak soon




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