So, the inevitable has happened… Boris announced on Saturday that we shall enter a second lockdown. How exactly do you feel about that?

image 2There are mixed opinions out there – the majority seem to want to just get through this as best as possible, keeping themselves and their loved ones, protected from this virus. Others don’t think that we should even contemplate another lockdown. Whatever it is that YOU feel about it, chances are you’re not looking forward to doing it.

So, I wanted to take a break during my workday today, and write a sort of SOS post for you. Because I totally get that as a nation we are struggling with the thought of a second lockdown, so here is my best advice on how to survive it. 

✓ Know That It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. Ask For Help If You Need It.

I think one thing that makes this second lockdown different, is that a lot of us have lost the fighting spirit that we mustered up for the initial one.

The first time around, we thought that it was going to be temporary – some of us saw it as a time to take stock and reflect on things, whilst some of us saw it as a time to get up and ‘do’ things… painting the bedroom, starting that business, getting up at six to do yoga….somehow, despite things feeling scary and different for us, we approached the first lockdown like true warriors.

But as this second lockdown approaches, we seem to be shrouded in a cloud of darkness.  Just how long exactly will this pandemic go on for us? And as the winter weather grows colder, this whole experience can become overwhelming. 

✓ If You Feel That You Need Help To Cope With Things:

I for one can help you with any mental health issues related to lockdown, so do please reach out to me. 

Book a clarity call here, or download your free Lockdown Survival Kit here.

✓ Give Yourself Permission To Make Self Care Your Priority.

During the first lockdown, people went crazy setting themselves goals about what they wanted to get done during lockdown. But lots of people found that this enthusiasm soon wore thin for them.

The enthusiasm to get stuff done turned to a feeling of depression – one of my clients told me that she felt like a failure as she was unable to remain geared up and focused, to start a new business.

My advice for this second lockdown is to try and find things that you can get yourself doing – but make SELF CARE your priority. This means when you next pop to your local supermarket (or do an online shop), add things like a good bubble bath, candle, hot chocolate, book and cosy slipper socks to your shopping list.

Self-care is essential throughout lockdown, so think of the four weeks as being an opportunity to enjoy an at-home spa retreat. Make it as cosy as possible and also, be sure to check on your family, friends, and neighbours, we are all in this together.

✓ Get Support And Help From Me And Make This Lockdown Easier.

I hope that this advice helps you – my main advice is to be gentle with yourself. If you manage to get up, shower, get dressed, and feed yourself, just do the basics, this is good going! Please do not be too hard on yourself. Just take care of yourself. 

And as always, I am here every step of the way to help you. I am offering my free LOCKDOWN MENTAL HEALTH SURVIVAL GUIDE for starters, sign up for it here, and when you do, you will also get motivational emails from me during the month ahead of us.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia, or anything else related to lockdown and you would like a one to one virtual session with me then book your free initial consultation here. 




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