It’s that time of year where lots of us are finally taking that much needed holiday. Phew! However, for some of us – it also signifies the dreaded arrival of anxiety, associated with a long term fear of flying.

Chris Hellycoppter

Me once I got over MY fear of flying! Look at me now!

It’s not easy, and it’s not nice – but I also believe that travel and holidays are something amazing, and you shouldn’t let your fear of flying be the thing that stops you. In this blog post I am going to give 3 rapid tips on how to handle your fear of flying.

1. Stop looking at things logically and take your fear as illogical.

You may have spent most of your adult life trying to work out why you feel this way. You have sat in the pub with friends, who tell you that flying is safer than driving. You are more likely to be hit by a car or a bus than you are to be involved in a plane crash… and LOGICALLY you nod your head and totally GET THAT. But on a subconscious level, you cannot seem to control your anxiety and your mind is telling you FLYING IS BAD, AND IT’S GOING TO KILL YOU.

And it doesn’t matter what LOGICAL facts an article (or even me!) presents to you, your subconscious mind is going NO bugger off Chris… and things just don’t seem to get better for you. This is because your fear of flying (or any phobia for that matter) is not based on logic, it is ILLOGICAL. So the first step towards tackling it is to stop talking about it, stop trying to work your way through it logically and give yourself a breather…..

  • This is NOT your fault

  • You cannot rid yourself of this without intervention

  • Your fear is NOT logical.

Feels liberating doesn’t it to accept that? You’re not going mad, and there IS something that we can do about this.

2. Try to pin-point the moment when your fear was created for you.

Can you pinpoint the moment when your fear was created for you? For example, if you were little and something happened, no matter how daft it may sound to you, ask your subconscious mind to communicate with you and let you realise the time in your life when your fear was actually created for you. If you can figure this out then you can work through your phobia pretty fast, by changing the feelings associated with that memory.

If you want to book a clarity call and talk to me, we can work out if you know when your fear was created for you and look at what you can do about it. Book your call here.

3. Sign up to my free ‘Fear of flying Breakthrough’ course.

Nope, that’s not a shameless plug there – I actually know that this course, is an ideal first step towards breaking through your fear of flying, and isn’t that why you are here reading this article? You’re looking to take action, you want real results, and for your life to move forwards. I get that, and so I created this course, which you can sign up to here:

Sign up to the Fear of Flying Breakthrough course now. It’s free!

Ironically I am writing this post whilst on holiday in Turkey. It’s beautiful here, and I am having a wonderful time. Please enjoy the world and don’t be held back by your fear!

On that note, I will say goodbye for this week, and I look forward to talking to you next week! I hope the weather will be better for my arrival?




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