Happy 2020 everyone, how is your new year going so far? Have you made any resolutions? And how are those working out for you?

image 2 In today’s blog post (the first of this decade!), I wanted to talk about NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS and why they WON’T work for you.So, pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and let’s have a chat for a moment.

New years resolutions are great, in the sense that they get you thinking about what you really want to change in your life… this is never a bad thing.

However, no matter how enthusiastic as people seem, have you noticed that actually sticking to those resolutions seems to blend into the background come the end of the first week of January? if you have, then there is actually a reason for this which i am about to share with you.

We find it hard to stick to our resolutions because we look at things too broadly. We do not narrow it down enough.

And in this blog post I am going to show you how to put a stop to that…. grab a coffee, get comfy and keep reading. 🙂 

PLAN for success.. don’t just make a resolution, plan to create a habit.

One main reason as to why resolutions do not work for you, is that we make the mistake of stating our resolution, usually on Facebook, but then we fail to plan for it. We assume that simply choosing it has enough power behind it to work for us and this is not the case.

We need to do more than that…  We need to plan for it. We need to set aside a 21-28 day period during which we will commit to creating that new habit… and don’t look beyond that. Looking too far ahead makes it feel unattainable for you. Keep it simple, and get a planner or a diary and then make a note of when you are going to slot that change work in, to create a daily habit.

If you can stick to it for 21-28 days you create a new habit, which you will then stick to automatically.

Keep your resolutions private. Focus, focus and … focus.

By sharing your resolution you dilute your energy. You also feel more like a faliure if you do not stick to your new behaviour. Gather all of the energy and motivation that you can to do this, and keep this resolution a secret. This is between you and yourself only.

Often, when people share it on Facebook, the intention behind the resolution is to say hey look at me, I have got my game together, aren’t I an  amazing person? This is not the right energy to back behind your intention, so stay focused, and take it seriously.

Don’t look at the bigger picture, stay focused one day at a time.

As I have already said, plan for this to be done over a 21-28 day period and then you will create a new HABIT.

But let’s narrow this down even further Take it one day at a time – don’t keep looking at where you want to be in the future, just focus on what you can do to create change in this moment, and keep a track of it, and then you won’t scatter gun all of your energy, which never leads to anything productive.

If you focus one day at a time to do one thing that gets you closer to your goal then change can and will happen for you. Just keep your goals simple – for example, you are much more likely to stick to ‘cut out chocolate’ than you are ‘cut out all junk food’. Be goal specific and focus on that one thing and you are more likely to stick at it.

And if you feel that you are sabotaging your desire to change on a regular basis and would like to work one to one with me on that then you can book your free clarity call here and we can talk about how I can help you change things.

Not only is this a new year, it’s a new decade, so make it look and feel as YOU want it to look and feel. You are the one driving things.

Until the next post, enjoy your first week of 2020, and speak to you soon,






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