Christopher Paul Jones

Getting Clear On The Problem Gives A Clear Solution.

Hello, it\s Chris and today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of clarity and getting really CLEAR on your actual problem.

Many people contact me enquiring about therapy, but they aren’t really sure on their problem.

My answer is always the same …

When You Understand Your Problem, The Act Of ‘Fixing Things’ Is Simple.

When you understand your problem, the act of ‘fixing things’ is simple. – at least it is when you work with a  therapist like myself. 

This is why I offer a free clarity call to all prospective new clients. I frequently hear how they feel lighter and like a weight has been lifted, because they finally understand what is going on for them..


And when you ‘get that’ clarity, the path ahead is simple.

So, I wanted to give you some tips today on how to get clear on YOUR problem, so that you can finally take action and fix it.

In One Sentence, What Is It That You Are Experiencing?

We often over complicate things – feeling that we need to ‘talk’ because traditional therapy has led us to believe that in order to access ‘the problem’ we need to go over the past with a fine tooth comb.

And for a lot of us, the thought of therapy is an obstacle. I work with the Integrated Change System that is based around modern day psychology and therapeutic interventions so excessive talking is not necessary.

Besides, more often than not, when a person comes to see me, if they are honest with themselves, they already KNOW what the problem is, so we focus on how to fix it.

Modern psychology methods are forward thinking and look at moving you AWAY from the problem, rather than taking you back to it.

Ask yourself, what is it that you are experiencing? Forget the ‘oh well I think it’s because of this… or so and so said this…’ and just ask yourself, what it is that you are experiencing… is it panic, fear, anxiety, stress?

Focus on the feeling.

Then in one sentence, write it down – I am experiencing anxiety because I worry that people are looking at me and I am not happy with my weight’. Do you see how this is different to trying to figure out why you feel like that?

I can figure the rest out for you, and fix things, you just need CLARITY on what is going on for you.


On a scale of 0-10 what is the strength of this feeling?

Next grade the feeling, with 0 being low and 10 being severe, how high is the level of the feeling? Knowing this helps  get clarity on whether this is a fear, anxiety or a phobia. When we chat on our clarity call I will be figuring this out for you.

You’d be amazed at how many people come on a call with me and KNOW that they have a phobia, or KNOW that they do not have a phobia, but when we talk about things, the truth is actually different.

As a general rule of thumb, a phobia is EXTREME fear and produces PHYSICAL feelings and reactions and not just feelings.

How long have you been experiencing this for?

This is useful to know so that I can be precise when treating things for you but if you do not know how long you have had your issue for, please do not let this stop you from seeking help for it.

Our subconscious mind sometimes protects us from things by suppressing a memory.

You can work on a fear or phobia without knowing exactly where it came from.

But if you do know when your fear began for you then this allows me to incorporate the root cause into the session/therapy work for you and make it really personal.

So there we have it! You can gain some clarity by working through these questions and then if you feel like you would like help for your anxiety, fear or phobia, book your free clarity call with me and we can talk about how to treat it.


I hope that this article is of some help to you, you are not alone,

Here to help always



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