Hello, I hope that this blog post finds you well, and happy. Today I wanted to talk about stress and anxiety, and look at the difference between them.

I often hear my clients talk about having stress AND anxiety, and they look baffled when ask them ‘which is it?’. Many people refer to the two, thinking that they are basically one and the exact same thing. But stress and anxiety are very different, and identifying which condition can make becoming free from them a much simpler process.

Anxiety or Stress? What’s really happening…

Anxiety – Often stems back to childhood, where something happened that left you feeling anxious. Very similar to fear, anxiety then invades you, and if not addressed can become a long term condition. There can be short term, and long term anxiety, and often, when a client comes to see me, they can describe the symptoms of their anxiety, but there may be confusion as to where it comes from. Anxiety can be crippling, and can ruin a persons self confidence, relationships and career prospects.

Stress – Is often related to current events, and is much more focused in the moment. Often, by removing the cause of the stress, rapid relief follows. Common reasons for stress include, stress in the workplace, stress at home and in relationships and stress because of money worries and so on.

How does the treatment for each differ then?

Anxiety can be treated by treating the underlying cause, as well as addressing the day to day symptoms. This can be a combination of therapy and medication. I see clients and free them from their anxiety in a very short time frame. I also offer my Anxiety Breakthrough Kit which you can do from home and you can get here.

Stress can often be helped by talking about what is happening for you, identifying the cause of the stress and then looking at ways to either eliminate it, or work around it. There are some great tools that can be used for relieving stress, such as breathing exercises and EFT.

How can you find out what is going on for you?

I have created an app called the Anxiety Calculator app which you can get for free on the Google Store here .

This will enable you to look at whether or not you are experiencing anxiety, and if so then you can look at treating it.If you do not feel that you have anxiety and can identify life events, or things happening in your current setting that are ‘stressing you’ then look at what you can do to eliminate that stress from your life as fast as possible. I may just do a post of this topic for next week!

it’s really common to experience both anxiety and stress, and there are treatments available for both of them. The most important thing that you can do, when recognising that you have one of these conditions, is to seek help as soon as possible.

If you would like to talk to me in greater detail about how I can work on a one to one level with you, please do book your free clarity call with me here. 

i hope this helps and I will be back next week, until then, enjoy this week and take care,

Chris. 🙂

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