This week, is INTERNATIONAL LEARN TO SWIM WEEK.  Learning to swim is a great skill that is necessary for everyone, but for a certain group of us, swimming, and water, can be absolutely terrifying. in this weeks blog post I am going to talk about WATER PHOBIAS, or aquaphobia as it is officially called and give you my best advice on what you can do about it. 

What Creates A Water Phobia?

A water phobia, just like any phobia, will be created when you have an experience around water that is negative, usually happening when you are little. it could be that something happened specifically to you, or it could be that you saw something happen to somebody else – but in that moment that the event happened, it created a mental impact.

And it was at this very moment, that your water phobia was created. As a result of that mental impact, your subconscious mind then decided, that every time that you went anywhere near water it would do its best to protect you, and it did this by triggering a part of your brain called the Amygdala that would react if it sensed that danger was close by to you. Your brain would send your body into fight, flight or freeze mode.. and it would be those physical reactions and symptoms that would indicate a phobia to you.

How Can I Know If I Have A Water Phobia?

You will know because the symptoms that you experience due to your fear, and the fear itself will be out of the ordinary. Symptoms may include things such as: sweaty palms, a closing of your throat, palpitations, panic, anxiety, and a crippling sense of fear, that something terrible is about to happen. Your natural instinct will be to get as far away as possible from the water and seek a place of safety.

it’s important to note here, that your water phobia may not be as simple as ‘being scared of water’ – it can be a fear of depth, a fear of waves, a fear of people jumping in… only YOU will know what your fear is about surrounding water, and when you can be that specific, change can happen fast for your.

Can I Recover From A Water Phobia?

The good news is, that YES you can, just like any phobia you can fully recover from it. This is done by working with me so that we can get to the root cause of your phobia and uproot it, setting you on the path from fear to freedom.

Want to work one to one with me to be free from YOUR water phobia? Then let’s chat. Book your free call with me here.

Watch Me Cure Rosemary Lloyds Lifelong Fear of Waves.

In the video below you will see me cure former Miss UK, Rosemary Lloyd of her lifelong fear of waves, What I liked about working with Rosemary is that she was really specific about her fear – it wasn’t just water in general, it was waves, but it had stopped her from enjoying water for all of her life since the incident that triggered her fear. Get comfortable and I’ll rejoin you after the video.

Did you get something from that? As you can see from the difference in Rosemary, results can happen as quickly as one session. if you, or someone that you know, would like to work with me on removing your water phobia, then please get in touch here. 

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