In this post I wanted to share a video that I posted last week that talks about how you know when you have had too much or too little therapy, and what you can do about it.

Let me start off by asking you this – have you ever met someone who seems to almost be addicted to talking about their ‘problems’. Maybe that person is you even…

Perhaps you have gone for therapy and have felt that the more that you talk about things the more that just seems to come up for you – and before you know it, you’re on this emotional hamster wheel of trying this therapy and that therapy…… it can seem like you become addicted to the self help cycle, and don’t know when to end things.

How much therapy is too much therapy? Can we become ‘addicted’ to ‘working’ on things?

I can remember reading a ‘self help book’ once that said ‘this should be the last self help book that you ever need to read’ – and in theory, if we took the principles from one really good book and actually PUT THEM INTO PRACTISE, then there should not be the need for continued therapy.

How many people do you know who actually DO this? It’s more common that we buy books, try therapies, courses, and they sit on the bookshelf, or gather dust on the hard drive – because we forget the real reason that we have bought them and become hooked on TRYING things.

IMAGINE how different your life could be if you would just step off that emotional hamster wheel for a moment. If you just stopped the talking, the seeking – and learned how to just feel like YOU again. Because that is the key to happiness – to silence the distractions and be the authentic you again.

Of course, it’s not always talking too much that is the problem – there are also plenty of people who avoid things. They repress their feelings and simply refuse to ever deal with things. This can manifest in destructive behaviours such as aggression, alcohol and other substances. I meet people like this all of the time, and I often think ‘if only they would open up about things’, they could really notice the difference.

But it’s down to the individual to choose when the time is right to truly CHANGE THINGS.

Are you seeing ‘results’ or do you simply keep going over things?

WhIch brings me to my final point – even if you are having therapy, are you REALLY working on things? Are you putting into the practise the change work, or are you simply hooked on talking about things? We could spend a life time talking over things but is this REALLY the solution to the problem?

Talking about things may simply get us caught in a cycle of talking about things, whereas the real change happens when we SHIFT THINGS. In my style of therapy I am very much focused on getting to the root cause of a phobia or fear, and then shifting that, changing that, so that a person can never feel that specific problem again.

There is an element of talking, naturally, as I need to work out what the real problem is. But once we have come to that. then our time spent on working on things can be minimal. And I have had clients come to me who have perhaps spent years, decades even, ‘stuck’ in talk therapy, and they come to me feeling frustrated, as it feels like that they may never get to be free from things.

I want you to experience FREEDOM – so if you have an issue that you want to talk about, perhaps you are someone who needs to talk about things as you have never done that or you are someone who has been talking about things and wants to move away from that then get in touch with me.

You can book a free clarity call with me here, and we can talk about how I can help you.

I hope you have a good week, and I will speak to you next week,

Until the next time,

Take Care,


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