Hello it’s Chris, and as you read this blog post, it’s Bank Holiday Monday here in England. That means that we all get the day off work and get time to RELAX….. or do we? Let’s talk about that…

Now I don’t know about you, but having time off, and being able to relax, can sometimes leave me feeling Christopher Paul Jones Tab Magazineguilty. It’s almost as if I am given permission to take the day off, but somehow, I feel like I should be working on my business… *ahem*, just look at me now for example, writing this very blog post!

Can YOU identify with me here? Please say that you do 🙂

I have met many clients, from all walks of life who tell me that they have trouble switching off and relaxing and I tell them that this is in a way, related to stress and anxiety. We are trained to be on the go these days – 24-7, and even when we are at home relaxing our mind is often active as we are connected to the world via the internet, in particular, social media.

So, here are my top tips on how to relax today because it is afterall BANK HOLIDAY.


Say what? On a Bank Holiday Monday? Yes… go on. I dare you.

A social media detox can be a great way to rest your mind, body and spirit because the anticipation of waiting to see what someone will say to you, or god forbid I actually say this but FOMO… Fear of missing out…can actually control you. Go on hands up, be honest, who is controlled by social media? Probably more of us than we care to imagine.


Getting outside, and going for a walk will help you switch off from things – if possible head out into the countryside, and take your shoes off.. feel the grass underneath your feet, do something that reminds you of your childhood, like climb a tree, or paddle in the stream. Unplug totally, and try not to focus on taking lots of photos – today is about YOU and your loved ones and not showing off on Instagram.


Take a book with you on this walk, and just read. When was the last time you got lost in a book? Let your mind just wander, and imagine ….. it’s bliss isn’t it? Maybe stop off for a pint on your walk, find a cosy chair and get comfortable and read a few chapter. Then when you head home, keep your phone turned off and read a few more. Just enjoy today, you can get back to the hum drum of busy life tomorrow.


Then it may be time to have a chat with yourself. Do you have something that is bothering you? Maybe grab a piece of paper and do what is called a brain dump. Get everything out, so that you can then create a plan of action. Often, when we stop from being so busy, our brain starts reaching out for the ‘next thing’. Scheduling things, so that you know what is happening and when, and allocating some time off in your schedule makes you feel less guilty about taking it.

And know this – taking some YOU time is important, because it recharges your energy levels which means that you will be even more productive when you go back to work. Don’t spread yourself thinly.

Still feel there is more going on to this and want to get to the bottom of it? Then why not talk to me? Book yourself a free clarity call and let’s see if a session with me is needed. Not today though – it’s Bank Holiday!

Until the next time, enjoy your day, and speak to you soon!




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