Hello everyone, I wanted to create a quick blog post today to talk to you about the end result in Euro2021. I don’t know whether you watched the game last night, but if you didn’t I am sure you must have heard about the end result. 

We lost to Italy, by one point with the end result being 3-2. Italy scored 2 of those points in extra time on penalties.

There have been many ways of looking at it today in both news and social media, with the general consensus being that England were not ‘the losers’, they too left that game as WINNERS.

What are YOUR thoughts on England and the game in the final? Would you say that they left Wembley as losers or winners?

It all depends on how you look at it.Which got me thinking – what does it really mean to be a loser or a winner? And what exactly defines success or failure?

How Do You Define Success Or Failure?

For many of us, the team did us proud. Young in age, they leave the final with a wealth of experience that they can carry forward with them into their careers. They played well, they endured unfair tackles from Italy…

I saw a great quote on Facebook today that said something like ‘if Italys behaviour paints the picture of a winner, I am glad that we lost with dignity’. I am not in any way judging the way that Italy played here – the point that I am making is that there is MORE THAN ONE WAY AT WINNING.

Winning can look like: walking away from something (apparently in defeat), because you know that you have given it your everything. Closing the door on a career, or a relationship, because you know that you deserve to be treated better than you are currently being treated.

Whilst some people may see certain behaviours as quitting, losing, and not ‘winning’, sometimes, it’s the way that we conducted ourselves as part of the BIGGER PICTURE that defines us as winners.

England gave it their all and got to the final – that in itself is winning, the wins against other teams, such as Denmark, let’s not forget that. 

WINNING is knowing that you played a good game, winning is knowing that you did the best that you could in that moment, winning is walking away with your head held high.

We are ALL winners in ways that we do not always even know about. The way that one person perceives a failure may be a total win to a casual observer.


Getting up, showing up, taking part, giving it your best attempt – there are people in life who do not even try things, because they are simply scared of ‘failure’. But putting yourself out there, giving it a go, that is how things happen, so many of the greats would tell you that their dream was built on a pile of failure.

You see, it depends on how you view FAILURE – is it really failure? Or is it experience? Is it an opportunity to grow and learn something?

“Failure is success in progress.” – Albert Einstein.

Without failure we can never know the success that awaits us.

Now that is powerful, don’t you think? Are YOU guilty of sitting in fear on the sidelines, always talking yourself out of trying something?

Next time you worry, remind yourself of that quote by Einstein, and try this technique to combat fear.

You Can CHOOSE To Combat Fear

Close your eyes and visualise yourself winning, whatever that end result looks and feels like to you – see it, feel it, really put yourself there, in that moment. Put your shoulders back, hold your head high, and take note of how you are feeling. Really ramp up that feeling, let it all soak into you. And when you feel like your are about to burst from positive energy, pinch your forefinger and thumb together, really squeeze them and anchor this feeling into you.

Then, next time you are close to doing something that scares you, trigger off this ‘feeling’ – by squeezing those two fingers together again and notice the energy that is stirred in you.

You really can get out there and do the things that appeal to you, know that fear and anxiety about doing that is a normal and natural part of it. If you let this stop you constantly though you will never, ever do anything,

SO, if a fear of failure is an issue for you, just take the time to reframe it. Write that Einstein quote on a post it, and see EVERY result as PROGRESS. You are taking ACTION and only that can lead to success.

I hope that this helps, and here’s to England, you played a great game guys, count the wins that got you to the final and reframe ‘losing’ as success in progress.

Speak to you next week


PS If this post resonates with you and you feel like your fear of failure (or even success!) is stopping you from living your life to its fullest potential, then I can help you. Head to this page here to find out more about how I can work with you on a fear of failure or success.


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