March 13th is No Smoking Day here in the U.K and although smoking is on the decrease (e-cigarettes replacing them), some of us are still smoking and want to do something about it. Now you can with this fast + effective exercise.

49601322 10161273615005125 1559504338869551104 nI am not going to talk about the health effects of smoking because none of us are children – if you are a smoker, you will only be too well aware of the risk of things such as heart disease and cancer, and you’re probably fed up of hearing about it.

That’s part of the problem when it comes to giving up smoking isn’t it? You get so used to peer pressure of people who care about you asking you to stop, that in time, you start to resent (and resist) it. Fact of the matter is, if you are smoking you probably LIKE IT – and it’s not easy to just ‘give it up’ is it.




I recognise that and I am not here to tell you to just give it up. It’s difficult and I get that. Just like any other form of addiction, you are smoking because it gives you something. Pleasure, comfort, a distraction – whatever it is, that’s personal and I am not here to ask you to share that. But I do want you to think about it… between you and yourself… what is it that smoking is GIVING YOU.

Then ask yourself, is there anything else that you could do to give yourself that feeling? If you can meet that need with something other than smoking then that’s a brilliant step in the right direction. Simply hearing about all of the reasons as to why you shouldn’t be smoking isn’t going to solve the problem.

However, one great exercise that you can carry out this very minute (yep, I am one for taking action), is the following:

Quick ‘stop smoking now’ exercise.

I want you to take a cigarette and hold it between your fingers of your left hand. I want you to really feel that cigarette, and roll i around a little.. and then I want you to say the following: thank you cigarette. Thank you for all that you have given to me. For all of the times that we have shared. But I am afraid that it is time to end this relationship because you are killing me’.

Next, I want you to think about something that you really detest. I don’t want to go into the grossest things here, as some of us may be eating lunch or dinner depending on when you are reading this and it’s the cigarette that I want to put you off.

But think of that one thing that makes you heave and want to vomit. Smell it, see it – really really mentally look at it until you get to the point where you cannot stand it. Then imagine taking your cigrarette and rolling it in whatever your gross substance may be. Really cake it in it, and then put it into your mouth. Taste it, light it up, smole it, feel every little bit of that gross substance working its way in through your mouth, down into your body.

Now open your eyes and look at your cigarette and ask yourself do you still want to smoke it? Look at it, maybe even attempt to put it between your lips.. can you smoke it?

If you can, repeat this exercise because it may be that you did not TRULY allow yourself to become nauseated by your gross substance and you need to get to that point for this exercise to be effective.

Of course, giving up smoking is a complex issue for some people and an in person session is much more effective because you want to be able to get to the bottom of the feelings BEHIND the addiction before you can totally erase the habit. Book a free consultation with me today and let’s talk about getting you to the point where you can finally call yourself a ‘non smoker’.

By arming yourself with the tool that I have given to you today though, you can perform this technique every time that your addiction or craving starts to control and you reach for that cigarette packet.Of course, stopping smoking has to be something that YOU do because you a) want to do it and b) you choose to do it. 

If you have made that choice and are happy with your decision then you will be successful at stopping smoking. You want to stop smoking and you have that power within you so use it.

p.s this also works just as well with e-gigarettes. 

Until the next time

Christopher Paul Jones.

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