The 1st and 2nd February are when Imbolc arrives, and the first sign of spring appears.

Hands up who has already said ‘it feels like spring today’ after the first coupe of days of bright blue skies and sunshine? I know that I have. The first flourish of spring can be a great time to work on your mindset. In todays blog post I want to talk about how to spring clean your life, to spring clean your mind – benefits of doing this can lead to a reduction in stress, worry and anxiety. 

1. Take a look at the outside. What no longer serves you?

Start by taking a look in the mirror. Often during winter we walk around in a sweatshirt and joggers. Are you walking around in clothes that no longer serve you? When I say serve you, I mean ‘work for you’, ‘make you feel good’. If you clothes don’t feel like they reflect YOU anymore, then it might be time for a do over. Be ruthless, grab a bin bag, throw anything that doesn’t make you feel wonderful into it and then donate it to the charity shop.

Next, take a look at your living space – what is lying around that brings you down and no longer serves you? Again, toss it in the bin bag and either throw it away or take it to the charity shop. Make space – making space instantly makes space mentally, as we emotionally let go of the things that we have subconsciously held onto.

2. Take a look inside. What no longer serves you?

Okay so here, when I say inside, I mean inside of you – are you eating well? Getting your fruit and vegetables? Head to your fridge, take a look at what’s in there and throw away the food that no longer serves you. Maybe you tried dry January but quickly slipped off the wagon – bottles of wine, beer, soft drinks, things that you know don’t serve you, get rid of them.

Then, write a shopping list of the things that will serve you – foods that heal and nourish you, and then go online or head to the shops and source them. This will help to balance and heal your mind, and the simple act of choosing to do this, feels good too!

3. Time to address your baggage. What no longer serves you?

Emotional baggage, people on social media who drain you, toxic friendships that really no longer serve you. Who or what would do you need to let go of, to make life (and your mind) feel lighter, and better?

This can be a big step and one that many people find difficult, and I get that. Letting things go, especially people can be truly difficult. But I want you to pop them into a virtual backpack and leave the baggage outside the door with the bin bags.

By taking these three steps, and clearing out your life, you will clear out your headspace. Often we do not even realise how some of the above things can weigh heavy on us, and we only realise the true extent to what we have been carrying when we make the choice to let go of it.

Letting go, can have an instant impact on how we feel mentally and can help relieve stress, anxiety worry and even depression. it can really lift your mood and give you that boost that you need to get your new year and life re-started.

Fill the new space with things that serve you, things that spark joy, things that feel good for you.

Let me know how you get on with it.



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