I want to start this post by wishing you a very happy new year, I hope that 2019 is amazing and that you do all of those things that you keep on thinking about and talking about….

But I also want you to do me (and yourself) a HUGE favour and decidethat this year you will turn your back on the old tradition of making up resolutions…..

Why? Well… resolutions suck and not many people actually stick to them. This can leave you feeling like you have failed, and in our positive world, we don’t want that. Let me expand a little…

Resolutions suck because they’re nothing more than words..

In fact, they are often words, that make up a list. And a list means nothing unless you’re actually prepared to act on it.

Think about it… how many times have you written your resolutions, only to get to the end of January and feel like a really big failure???

I don’t want you to feel like that this January, and so, here is my alternative to writing your list of resolutions:

Pick one thing to change, and make a choice to change it.. daily.

Yep, it really IS that simple. You choose ONE thing (and one thing only) that you really want to change, or achieve, and you put your attention into that.. daily.

You stick at this, for at least the next 28 days….. so that this ‘thing’ starts to become a habit. Then, you will find, that once your subconscious embraces it, doing it, will start to come naturally to you…. kinda like brushing your teeth…

If you get to the end of the 28 days and you haven’t stuck at it… go right back to the begining.

That means, start right back at day one, focus on that one thing that you want to change again, only this time… stick to it!

By doing this, you will reach the end of 2019, and hopefully you will have made one real, sustainable change in your life, and THAT far beats writing a list of about 10 changes, that none of them you will stick to.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Have a go and let me know how you get on with it….. at the end of the 28 days, let me know .. seriously. Has that one thing changed for you?

And let me take this opportunity, to wish you, and your loved ones and family, a very happy 2019. I have lots of things coming up that I am excited to share with you, so be sure to watch this space.

All the best!


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