The pandemic is getting to all of us, so today I wanted to bring you a bit of comfort and think of how you can take care of yourself this weekend… here’s how to feel good if you’re feeling worried.Chistopherr 3 2

Wash away worry, stress and anxiety.

If you have a bath then hop in it and wash away your worry, stress and anxiety. Lie back and relax, and feel the sensation of the warm water as it cocoons you.

Close your eyes, and imagine all of your worry leaving your body as a dark coloured energy. Trust that the water will take care of it. And when you are finished, and feeling deeply relaxed, pull the plug out and kiss say goodbye to your worry... literally voice it out loud and give yourself permission to feel like you, even if just for a little

Learn how to ‘dump’ toxic emotions (as and when you need to).

Have a note pad handy today, and when you feel your stress, anxiety or worry start to get the better of you, just let those feelings out on paper. i like to call this a toxic energy dump – when you are finished, screw the paper up and dispose of it, then give yourself permission to let those thought rest a little bit.

You don’t need to go from negative to positive and stay there – placing this expectation on ourselves can often leave us feeling a failure when our mood comes back down again. But have the faith in yourself to pick yourself up again.

Have faitjh in yourself to pick yourself back up again – Chris Jones.


 Give something back to the world – the smile challenge.

You may not feel like smiling yourself – but when you next go out for your daily walk, or pop for your shop at the supermarket, give beauty 1721069 1280some unexpected happiness to the world this weekend – leave a note somewhere for someone to find, that has a smile on it, and says ‘here is a smile, just incase you need it’.

OR, make it your mission to smile at just one person – give something back and it feels good. Even if you don’t feel like doing it.

I know that these are times where we don’t really know how to feel – and part of that can include feeling GUILTY if we TRY to relax a bit and take care of ourselves.

There is so much going on out there, that it’s normal to feel a sense of survivors guilt almost, and the idea of having fun can seem … somewhat difficult. But SELF CARE if essential… we need to take care of our mental health as that protects our physical health…

Watch the video 1

SO – have a good weekend, and if you feel like treating yourself even further, check out my new online shop... some great ‘do it from home’ kits there, and the ANXIEY BREAKTHROUGH KIT is very popular at the moment.

Until the next time



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