It’s national sandwich week this week (I know, whatever will they think of next?) and once I’d let that info absorb in a little, I had a great idea for this blog post. Can you reduce your anxiety, by thinking of a sandwich?


49601322 10161273615005125 1559504338869551104 nHi, I’m Christopher Paul Jones, the Breakthrough Expert and in today’s post  am going to talk to you about the power of a SANDWICH. Yes, that’s right, I have not gone totally bonkers here. The power of a sandwich. In this short blog post, I want to show you how a regular, boring old sandwich can help you REDUCE YOUR ANXIETY. Okay, giggling over,. are you ready? Let’s dive in then.

1. Think of a time when you were really, really anxious.

It could be when you were out at a social event, or it could be something work related. It might not even be when you were actually, physically out anywhere. It could just be a time when you were in your house feeling anxious. I want you to almost take yourself back there. Feel how you were feeling, smell what you were smelling….. and literally take yourself back there.

Now turn the sound up, turn the lights up, turn the tastes up – make everything feel bigger, bolder, brighter, louder. That’s it. Really let yourself FEEL HOW YOU WERE FEELING back then.


2. Now think of your favourite sandwich. Yep. You heard me.

Think of your favourite sandwich, and I want you to imagine taking a big bite of it. Feel how it feels, taste it. Let it move around inside of your mouth, and focus on the texture of it. Is your mouth watering? Make that sandwich taste softer, sweeter, spicier – depending of course on what is inside of it. Physically chew, allow yourself to chew that sandwich, and imagine that you are sitting in a place that you love as you eat it.


3. Now think of that time when you were anxious..

But try and imagine feeling it, whilst eating your favourite sandwich. Not so easy now, is it? You see, what happens here, is that you are trying to feel two sets of opposing feelings at the very same time. 1) The anxious feelings and 2) The happy sandwich based feelings.

Now, know, that whenever you start to feel anxious, all you have to do, is take yourself mentally (or literally if you have a sandwich close by!) to the place where you buy your favourite sandwich. Imagine yourself sitting down, wherever you are, and enjoying eating that sandwich. How do you feel?

And there you have it – you can change your state, and how you are FEELING by thinking of your favourite sandwich. I know that this may seem ‘simple’ and to some ‘ridiculous’ but the point that I am trying to get across here, is that when we arm ourselves with our best kept secrets, the mindset tools that can change a negative mindset and turn it into a happier one – we are taking control of our anxiety.

Of course, this exercise works better under therapist supervision so that I can really ramp up the positive associations and ANCHOR the POSITIVE  feelings, so if you would like me to work with you, one to one and create a BESPOKE anchor that you can use to change your physical and mental state the next time that you are feeling fear, a phobia or anxiety, then book a clarity call with me and let’s get the ball rolling.

Until the next time, make this the week of great sandwiches – I’ll have a BLT with ketchup. Oh and don’t forget the cuppa!


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