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Be Free From Your Flying Phobia With Christopher Paul Jones.

Does This Sound Like You

You avoid taking holidays or trips because of getting on an airplane.

You don’t like seeing planes in the sky above you, perhaps even a toy plane scares you.

You make excuses for your friends and family so that you don’t have to get on a plane with them.
Your whole life is affected by your fear of flying and you don’t know what to do about it.

If you answered YES to one or more of those things, chances are you need help for your Flying Phobia.


Find out more about how I can set you free from your flying phobia now.

Take To The Skies And Travel The World! Be Free From Your Fear Of Flying.

Did you know that about 40% of the population has a fear of flying? If you are part of that group, you certainly are not alone with this.

The good news is, that if you are looking to treat your feat of flying I just so happen to be an expert in this area.

Take a look at the video when I appeared on the BBC’s ‘Skies Above Britain’. I cured Sarah’s fear of flying in just one session.

You too can be free from your fear of flying, when you book your session with me.


Helping You To Be Free From Your Fear Of flying

The possible joys of seeing lions and leopards in their natural habitat paled in comparison with my dread of flying overnight in economy on a notoriously turbulent route. The day after working with Chris, we all flew to Botswana. I slept through the night. No big deal for most people; but for me, it was a minor miracle, and it’s still working.


Just four days after my session with Christopher, I boarded a 12-hour flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At the airport, I felt an unusual sense of calm going through customs, took my seat quite happily, and chatted away with my friends as the flight took off (which I didn’t give a second thought about).


Alex Segal – Acting Agent 1

Within weeks of seeing Christopher, I flew to Los Angeles and back again. 20 hours of flying with no anxiety, no worries and no fear. It was one of the best flights I never imagined that it would be possible… and it was! Thank you, Chris. You made the seemingly impossible very, very, possible!  


Since the last time I met Chris, I’ve travelled quite a bit and have done a lot of flying. Before I met him, when I felt turbulence, especially over water, I would think about drowning. Now I don’t think about that, and I feel better about flying.


susan lawton 1

After one hour with Chris, I left feeling very ‘zen’ and content! On my next flight, to my great surprise, I felt so much better! I have flown tens of times since and each time I feel fine.


Jennifer Howard Dobson –Solicitors 1

Working with Chris was unlike anything I had experienced before. I have been on two flights – to Berlin and to Rhodes, and they were absolutely fine – I have never been so relaxed on flights.



I used to be terrified of turbulence when flying, then I worked with Christopher, and now I get so happy when there might be turbulence, I actually look forward to it.


Kate Lloyd Marketing Director at Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd 1

My partner, who usually witnesses the anxiety and stress I face, couldn’t believe the change. Since then, I have taken many flights, and I have suffered very little anxiety.


Nicholas Cooke 1

The most amazing thing was that I enjoyed the flight. Take off, mid-air and landing had no impact on me, and it was an exhilarating feeling to no longer have any irrational thoughts or fears.


I could talk for hours on how scared I was flying, it was terrifying. I was slightly incredulous that Christopher could remove my fear of flying phobia, because I had that for a long period of time and it stopped me going on holiday so many times.

Louise Brown – Foley Artist

I had a big problem with flying. His methods work and he really covers everything. I left feeling amazing and it was money well spent. Since working with Christopher I feel less anxious, I’m sleeping better and most importantly, I feel better about flying.

Nathan Wickham-Hurd- student

Sarah Howley

After working with Christopher, There were no tears or nervousness at all. It’s still hard to explain and I’m still trying to take it all in. When I got on the plane instead of a wave of anxiety, I felt a wave of confidence and excitement. My attitude has completely changed when turbulence happens now. If I think about turbulence I feel very laid back about it all.

Sarah Howley – Christopher on BBC Tv’s Skies Above Britain

I had been scared of flying since my first flight aged 3 (30 years ago). I really enjoyed the session with Christopher. I have flown to Cyprus and back and behaved like a different person during both flights. I actually enjoyed the experience. I was very surprised by how easily I managed to control my anxiety.

Vanessa Hook – Riding Centre Manager

Nilam Kay 1

I had been married 2 years, but hadn’t had a honeymoon because of my fear of flying. Since seeing him last year I’ve travelled 3 times, and will be going abroad again very soon.. Thanks Chris, you’re brilliant at what you do.

Nilam Kay

Cure Your Fear Of Flying And Be Free From Your Flying Phobia With The Breakthrough Expert.

Experience a rapid transformation that takes you from fear to freedom fast.
Enjoy the freedom to travel, as and when you want to.
Create once in a lifetime memories, where will the world take you?
flying phobia

What Creates A Flying Phobia?

So, you know that you have a Flying Phobia, but you might be wondering how you developed one.

Phobias are ‘fear’ intensified and are usually created after a bad ’emotional’ experience. More often than not, a phobia is developed in Childhood, but that isn’t always the rule here. A phobia can begin at any age and happens as a result of intense fear. 

Perhaps your Mother was scared of Planes and panicked every time she saw one? Or perhaps you had a bad experience during a flight that left you petrified to risk taking another one.

The incident itself is almost irrelevant, what matters is that it scared you. And when you were in this heightened emotional state, during this negative experience, your Subconscious mind made a mental note of this, and made a choice to protect and ‘save you’.

This meant that every time your subconscious mind perceived a threat or a sense of danger, related to this fear, it sent a signal to your Amygdala.

The Amygdala is the part of your brain that responds to fear and tells you to go into ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ mode. So, each time you are exposed to your fear, your brain wants to switch to one of these modes and you have your ‘visible reaction’ to the fear.

And it’s that visible reaction (as well as your internal one) that had you stop and analyze your fear. So, that is how you got your phobia, and the good news is that I can easily cure one!

How to Remove your Flying Phobia?

Do you long to be free from your fear of flying, but are worried that if you seek help for this, you will be forced to fly?

Many therapists treat flying phobia with outdated ‘shock tactics’, known as ‘exposure therapy’, where they force their client into a state of fear and expose them to the very thing that scares them.

You may be itching to take to the skies, as soon as I have removed your phobia – but that is up to YOU.

The good news is, that I am able to cure your flying phobia without you having to fly. During your one to one session (either face to face or over zoom) you will feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

My Integrated Change System™ (ICS™), works by silencing the emotional triggers that cause the amygdala to respond to the thing that you fear. This means that you can feel neutral next time you fly and your flying phobia becomes a distant memory.

This really is revolutionary in the field of fears and phobias and lasting change really IS possible when you attend your flying phobia cure session.

It’s time to regain your freedom.

Christopher Paul Jones is a Phobia Specialist whose work is featured regularly on international TV, radio, and in the press, including the BBC, CBC, Hello, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and national newspapers.

Christopher’s clients come from all over the world to see him in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and he counts Hollywood actors, Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters, and celebrities among them.

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What happens during a call?

You get to talk to me about what you would like my help with. Sometimes, just getting clarity on what really is going on can help you know what to do next in order to change the situation.

I will listen in confidence, and assess how I can best help you. If we then decide to work together, we can schedule your session with me.

There is no obligation to book a session with me, this complimentary call helps you gain clarity and enables us to see if there is a fit if we go on to work together.


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