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Be Free From Your Fear Of Public Speaking With Christopher Paul Jones.

Does This Sound Like You

Just the thought of speaking, whether in a room full of people or over the internet leaves you feeling clammy, anxious and fearful

You get physical sensations such as palpitations, sweaty palms, excessive perspiration.
You cannot sleep the night before a presentation.
You are allowing your fear to affect your career opportunities.

If you answered YES to one or more of those things, chances are you need help for your fear of public speaking.


Find out more about how I can set you free from your fear of public speaking now.

Take The Mic – Be A Confident Public Speaker.

1 in 4 of us has a Fear Of Public Speaking and it is one of the most popular areas that I treat at my office on Harley Street. From the traditional ‘fear of speaking on stage, to the more recent fear about speaking on Zoom – whatever the setting surrounding YOUR fear of speaking, I am the person to help with that. 

I am so successful at curing people of their Fear Of Public Speaking because I get to the root cause of their phobia, going as far as to discover why their fear originated in the first place. 

 The approach that I use surpasses body language classes, or tips on how to be confident, because it tackles things from the inside out. 

 Take a look at the video, and watch me cure TV presenter Mavis Ackerley’s Miums’ fear of public speaking on the BBC’S One Show.

Helping You To Be Free From Your Fear Of Public speaking

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Cure Your Fear Of Public Speaking Phobia With Christopher Paul Jones.

Get fast relief from the anxiety and worry that stops you from enjoying public speaking.
Uncover the root cause of your fear.
Feel confident and excited about future public speaking engagements.
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What Creates A Fear Of Public Speaking?

So, you know that you have a Fear Of Public Speaking, but you might be wondering how you developed one.

More often than not, it is created after an experience in early life – perhaps when you were at school or college. Something happens when you are speaking that affects you deeply on an emotional level and this then creates a deep fear or phobia.

The incident itself is almost irrelevant, what matters is that it scared you. And when you were in this heightened emotional state, during this negative experience, your Subconscious mind made a mental note of this, and made a choice to protect and ‘save you’.

This meant that every time your subconscious mind perceived a threat or a sense of danger, related to this fear, it sent a signal to your Amygdala.

The Amygdala is the part of your brain that responds to fear and tells you to go into ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ mode. So, each time you are exposed to your fear, your brain wants to switch to one of these modes and you have your ‘visible reaction’ to the fear.

And it’s that visible reaction (as well as your internal one) that had you stop and analyze your fear. So, that is how you got your phobia, and the good news is that I can easily cure one!

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Five winning tips to help you overcome the fear of public speaking.

How To Remove Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

Do you long to be free from your fear of public speaking? Have you had enough of missing out on opportunities, or feeling anxious at the thought of speaking in front of a group of people?

If you want to be free from your fear of public speaking and take to the stage, whether literal, or virtual,  with confidence, the good news is that I am here to help you, setting you free from the thing that scares you in as little as just one session, either in person or via Zoom from my Harley Street based Phobia Clinic.

Whether it is the thought of people watching you or the fear of your audience’s reaction, I am here to help you.

As Harley Streets’ sought after Fear, Anxiety and Phobia Therapist I have helped hundreds of anxious speakers, deliver their speech with confidence.

My Integrated Change System™ (ICS™), works by silencing the emotional triggers that cause the amygdala to respond to the thing that you fear. This means that you can feel excitement rather than fear, the next time you participate in a speaking engagement.

This really is revolutionary in the field of fears and phobias and lasting change really IS possible.

It’s time to regain your freedom. Book your one to one session now, sessions are available at my London based Phobia Clinic, or via Zoom. Be free from your fear of public speaking as soon as possible.

Christopher Paul Jones is a Phobia Specialist whose work is featured regularly on international TV, radio, and in the press, including the BBC, CBC, Hello, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and national newspapers.

Christopher’s clients come from all over the world to see him in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and he counts Hollywood actors, Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters, and celebrities among them.

Take the first step today!

To book a complimentary appointment with me, where we can chat about what is going on for you and I can let you know how I can help you, simply book your appointment using the booking form and I will contact you to confirm it.

What happens during a call?

You get to talk to me about what you would like my help with. Sometimes, just getting clarity on what really is going on can help you know what to do next in order to change the situation.

I will listen in confidence, and assess how I can best help you. If we then decide to work together, we can schedule your session with me.

There is no obligation to book a session with me, this complimentary call helps you gain clarity and enables us to see if there is a fit if we go on to work together.


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