Bit of a different one this week as I was inspired to write this blog post after a ‘cut my own hair during lockdown’ experience. I had a bit of an epiphany from it and I wanted to share it with you.

But before I start that I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing? How is lockdown going for you this week? Are you coping okay?

And have you mastered the art of at home hair cutting yet? 


1. Cutting your own hair isn’t easy. But you can totally do it.

However don’t choose to do it when you have had a little alcohol like I had. 🙂

Do it at a time when you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. This isn’t actually an article that is going to tell you how to cut your own hair by the way, this is going to go deeper than that.

I want to share what I learnt from this and that is that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look perfect.

And that applies to life right now – it doesn’t matter if things don’t look perfect. Whether that’s that your house is looking kinda messy, or your kids are creating chaos – we are all simply doing our best to navigate this.

Throw away the self created rule book and give yourself permission to let go a little – this isn’t a time to be perfect. It’s a time for resilience. It’s a time for wondering how the heck we can do something and figuring out ways to do it. 

2. It’ll soon grow back again. And it might grow back better.

I KINDA LIKE MY NEW HAIR. I have to say this… my wife however, wasn’t really sure about it. Of course, it must have been a shock for her, when she woke the next day (we are currently separated by distance), and saw me on Face time, with a head that looked a little…….. different. 

However, I found myself explaining to her ‘hey don’t worry about it, it’ll soon grow back, just you watch it’.

And the truth is … it will.


Okay so it might not come back looking the exact way as we used to know it. However, seeing people that we love.being able to go out again, those things will come back to use and life may look even better!

We have time on our hands right now to figure out how we want our lives to look like when lockdown is over.. so rather than keep looking at what you can see right now in horror, just trust that time will take care of things and as long as you can stay focused and have a positive mindset, you can get through this trying time with an open mind to the outcome rather than feeling the need to control things.

And of course, if you do feel like you aren’t exactly there yet and would like to relieve your anxiety and find a calmer place in regardless to how you feel daily, so that you can then come at things from an empowered place, my ANXIETY BREAKTHROUGH KIT is the ideal online product for YOU.


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Until the next time, have a great week and I will speak to you again soon,

Take Care,





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