Hello there, it’s Chris, and I just wanted to pop by to say that today is Blue Monday, but it’s okay……. here’s how you can survive it, and actually come out smiling.

So, what IS Blue Monday all about then?

Basically, Blue Monday is the name given to the 3rd Monday in January, that has said to be, the most depressing day of the year….  Blimey. As if we needed Monday to be any more depressing that it already is for most of us hey? What with going back to work after a fun weekend, to knowing that there are five long days of work ahead of you, here’s why Blue Monday has been said to be oh so depressing:

  • It’s nearly the end of the month, which for most of us means we are broke and waiting for pay day. Pay day of the month right after Christmas, where we have no money anyway. Argh!!
  • Most of us are still trying to recover from the huge amount of food (and alcohol) that we consumed over the festive season and are staring down at our waistlines.
  • If we started New Years Resolutions, by now we’ve probably grown bored of them… and are feeling like a total faliure. 

Need I go on here? 😉

So yep, it makes for some pretty depressing reading. BUT, I am here to tell you that Blue Monday doesn’t have to be the most depressing day of the year, and here’s what we are going to do about it….

1. Make a list of the negatives and then turn them into positives…

For example, if you are down because you ate too much then be thankful for the food that was available to you and for the fact that you can CHOOSE to eat as much as you’d like to.

Or, if you are broke as you spent too much for Christmas, be thankful for the next pay cheque that is soon coming and look at what you can sell on Ebay. 

By looking at each thing that is getting you down and then turning it into a positive, you will find that you soon realise that there ARE plenty of things to be thankful for.

2. Take up the art of de-cluttering and enjoy the space and the moment.

Rather than worry about not having enough money and looking at what you don’t have, take a look at what you do have and then think about ….. getting rid of some of it.

Yep. Use this period where you are worrying about not having as much financially, to look at the art of de-cluttering. Take a look at the Mari Kondo method for example and you will soon see that actually, our desires for more stuff (more clutter) can be holding us back from enjoying life, and can actually weigh us down.

Let go of anything that no longer serves you, does not fit you or just does not, ‘spark joy’ in you and then be excited about filling your space with things that DO make you happy, and make you feel like YOU again, as soon as February arrives.

3. Appreciate the dark times…

We cannot be happy all of the time. Seriously, I mean that would be SO annoying wouldn’t it? We need some dark times to help us appreciate, and bounce forwards into the happier times. So, take a moment to just ENJOY feeling down…

Yes you read that correctly. Take a moment to ENJOY FEELING DOWN. Don’t be afraid to be blue… feeling our negative emotions can really help us work out who we are and where we want to go from here. The important thing with this though,is to know when to bounce back from the negative. DON’T LET YOURSELF GO TOO FAR DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE….AND IF YOU DO, GO BACK TO STEP ONE ON THIS BLOG POST 🙂

My main piece of advice that I want you to take away from this, is that it’s perfectly normal and natural, to feel a little Blue on the third Monday in January. Let’s be honest – we’re all a little skint and a few pounds heavier, but that’s to be expected. Take it in your stride, and know that January is almost over.

Of course, feeling blue, because of it being the third Monday in January is different to suffering with depression or anxiety. If you feel that there is more going on for you and would like to talk, then book a clarity call with me and let’s move you past this.

I’d say have a good day, but…. oh go on then, have a good one, until the next time,

Christopher 🙂 



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