It’s 11pm, you’ve just got into bed and you find yourself scrolling on Facebook… before you know it, it’s 2am and you’re unable to sleep because your scrolling has triggered your anxiety…

Hands up who is guilty of this? You promise yourself that you’ll only look for just a minute, and before you know it an hour has passed and your lost in some fake news story. Here’s my best advice on how you can give up your scrolling in order to reduce your anxiety.

1. Set yourself a time limit – and stick to it.

You need to get your phone out and set an alarm before you even begin to engage in scrolling. Set yourself say, ten minutes and limit your scrolling to 3 times daily. This allows you to get your social media fix and keep up to date with current events and friends and family but it prevents you from falling down the rabbit hole. Scrolling is actually addictive as we go into a state of hypnosis. Have you ever found yourself mesmerised when you are glued to your phone, scrolling?

Being in that state means that your subconscious mind absorbs any negative information that you come across on a much deeper level. This can lead to worry, insomnia and general feeling of impending doom. SO – set a time limit and stick to it.


2. Fill your feed with ‘good vibes’ and delete anything that gives bad vibes.

YOU are in control of what you get to see when you scroll on social media so be sure to like pages that give you good vibes and delete anything, or anyone for that matter who brings you down. It can be so easy to have notifications from pages or people that we liked at a time in our life that really don’t apply to us now. Find time to do a social media detox and stop following things give you anxiety.


3. Keep in touch with the latest news but beware of fake news.

Our feeds are FULL of fake news, and some people share any old article that has caught their attention without even checking the source it came from. This can lead to anxiety because you see a doom and gloom headline and your subconscious mind absorbs it. Yes, by all means, we want to be able to check the latest news, but if you know someone who seems to share fake news stories, then you can do something where you ‘hide them’. Hide them from your home feed so you do not have to see this when you are scrolling.


And there we have it. Sounds so simple really, but you’d be amazed at the impact that scrolling can have on us. Try and stick to ten minutes a day just three times a day and see if your anxiety shifts for you. 

Of course, not all anxiety is induced by things that are going on around us, and if you have an anxiety disorder that you feel has been bothering you forever, then check out my Anxiety Relief App on the apple store, and here on google.

Until the next time, have a great week and get off Facebook 🙂

Bossy aren’t I…



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