How To Handle Your Needle Phobia If You Need To Have The Covid Vaccine.

Needle Phobia, or a fear of needles, is a really common phobia – but with the news about the current Covid vaccine, the fear is currently rising. Do you or someone you know, have a fear of needles that is affecting whether you will get the Covid Vaccine?

If you do, here is what you can do about it.

But first, let’s talk about what a needle phobia is – how do we get one and is it treatable?

What IS A Needle Phobia, How Do We Get One, And How Can We Treat It?

A needle phobia is an intense fear of needles. When I say intense, I mean that it is severe enough to disrupt your day to day living, for example, a needle phobia may prevent you from going to medical appointments, to give blood, receive blood or have vaccinations. In severe cases it may even prevent you from having anaesthetic and avoiding life saving surgery!

We develop a needle phobia, usually during childhood, when we have a negative experience, involving a needle, or something else happens to us at the same time as being present with a needle that creates a negative emotional impact.

This can then manifest itself, and takes root deep in our subconscious. Our subconsious mind then does all that it can to protect us, in this case, attempting to help us avoid needles.

The good news is that a needle phobia is totally treatable, just like any other phobia, if you work with a phobia specialist.

It of course goes without saying, being Harley Streets Phobia Expert, that I can remove your needle phobia, and I will talk more about that in a minute. But first, let’s talk about the steps that you can take to arrive at that point, and take conrol of being free from your phobia.

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Are you avoiding moving forwards because of your fear of needles?

1. Accept That it is A Phobia And Give Yourself Permission To Sit With It.

Many people when they try to discuss phobias, come at things from an angle that is logical.They try to rationalise the fear, looking at whether it is justified to have it or not. But Phobias simply are not logical and addressing them with logic (and common sense) is actually futile.

Allow yourself to be okay with having a phobia. Don’t try to rationalise your fear, just learn to first of all sit with it. It’s okay to feel as you do, and acceptance is the first step to re-gaining control of things.

2. Be Practical About What You Can Do Next – Look At The Alternatives.

You can sit with your phobia and be okay with that. Some people learn to live with phobias and do their best to avoid the thing that terrifies them, but would you really be okay with that?

When it comes to phobias such as medical, that may lead to avoiding proceedures, the consequence may be life threatenning.

Is this something that you are happy to live with? Of course, the issue as to whether or not you want the vaccine is not the same as having a needle phobia. But if you would choose to have the vaccine and your fear of needles is stopping you, ask yourself if you are happy to live with that.


Which I will now address in my next point.

3. Get Help For Your Needle Phobia, Help Is Right Here.

I won’t beat around the bush – I can help you be free from your needle phobia. All you have to do is start by booking a clarity call with me. It’s FREE – we speak on the phone, you get to find out how I can work with you, ask me any questions that you may have about the process, and if you want to go ahead, we can go ahead and book a Phobia Breakthrough Session for you.

You are under NO obligation to book a session, but the clarity call can be a great first step for you in understanding how i can help you be free from your phobia.

Book your clarity call by clicking this link here. 


And try this exercise to reduce your fear enough, so that you feel confortable talking about it:

Close your eyes, and imagine that you are in a situation where you have been previously, where the sight or thought of a needle scared you. Listen to the sounds around you, smell the smells.. remember the fear. How did it feel, and how does it feel now to relive it? Let yourself become totally immersed in this FEELING and then, turn down the sounds around you, make the scene become darker, and now imagine that you are watching it on a tv screen.

Now, pick up the remote and change the channel. On this channel, see yourself feeling confident and in control of things. Think of a time when you felt really happy and confident, and amplify that memory. Make the sounds louder, the sight brigther, notice how you are FEELING, notice how you are standing.

The next time that you start to panic about a needle, do this exercise, and know, that you cannot feel a negative emotion at the same time as feeling a positive one. So, do this, take control of the fear and then contact me to be permanently free from it.

Book your clarity call here and let’s talk about how to cure your needle phobia as soon as possible.

I don’t normally sound pushy when it comes to asking people to deal with their phobias, it’s a very personal journey, but if you, or anyone you know wants the vaccine and will put it off because of a fear of needles, then it is my professional duty to step up and do something about it.

Please do not suffer in silence, the support is here if you need it.

Until next week

Take care

Christopher Paul Jones.

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