The 18th was National Fertility Day and I wanted to talk to you (both men and women) about how your anxiety, stress and fear surrounding pregnancy could be affecting your chances of having a successful experience.

49601322 10161273615005125 1559504338869551104 nI know that this topic may be one that tirggers some raw emotion in some of you so I will try to talk about this as sensitively as possible, However, I do want to talk about it, because if something to do with your mindset is what could be stopping you from fulfilling your dream of becoming  a parent, then I believe that it is my duty to do something about that.

Why do we get anxious and stressed, when it comes to fertility?

The first thing that I want you to do is to think about how and why you are perhaps getting stressed when it comes to fertility and pregnancy. Sometimes, we can really consciously want a baby. But subconsciously we can have blocks that are stopping us from conceiving and these can be for a number of reasons., Common ones include:

  • You’ve experienced miscarriage and are subconsciously scared to go through that again.
  • You’re nervous about how good a parent you will be.
  • You;re scared of being pregnant (whther through unfounded fears or an experience during a previous pregnancy).

By working out what you think that it is that is affecting you you can then address those feelings and look at how you can feel calmer about things. 


How does stress + anxiety affect fertility? (The physical stuff).

Stress and anxiety can affect your fertility in complex ways but for the sake of this blog post I will keep it simple.

Stress and anxiety produce cortisol and adrenaline, and these two components can have a really unbalancing effect on your hormones, for both and men and women but particularly women. The key hormones needed for successful conception are disrupted. And it’s not just about preventing conception. Even if conception does take place, stress and anxiety can prevent the pregnancy from progressing past the early stages as those hormones again can be disrupted.

Stress and anxiety can also have a massive impact on whether or not a woman ovulates and a mans sperm count and quality.


How can you relax when stress and anxiety are getting the better of you?

It’s no good me (or anyone for that matter) simply telling you to relax when it comes to pregnancy and fertility.

This topic is such an emotionally sensitive one – and there can be many layers that are operating in the background. My main advice here is to at least try to recognise and understand just how stress and anxiety can affect fertility. By understanding this you can interrupt the occurance of certain negative thought patterns and take the first steps towards controlling things in a more positive manner.

I would suggest booking a clariy call with me to try and find out what your underlying fears are – this will then enable us to work on those fears and unblock whatever is subconsciously affecting you.

An exerercise to reduce stress + anxiety and prepare for a successful pregnancy.

Close your eyes, and allow your mind to let go of all of the thoughts, feelings and worries that it may be holding onto. Place your hands on your tummy and just allow them to sit there. Take some deep breaths in and then let it out again and repeat this until you feel totally comfortable. Allow your hands to drop down when you feel ‘ready’ so that they are nestled over your womb area.

Connect to this area and ask yourself now, if you had to describe the energy in this area as a colour, what would you call it?

Take a deep breath in and then as you inhale feel golden and green healing energy (change this to a colour that represents powerful healing if you want to), flood into your womb area, removing any negative residue, pain, blockages, and allow there to be a sense of rejuvenation.

Know, that the more that you can connect to your womb and create this energy, the greater your chance of successful conception as you will reduce your stress and anxiety which will affect your hormones and body.

So many people, both men and women have no idea just how powerful their thoughts are when it comes to fertility and pregnancy. YOU really do have a powerful role to play in all of this that extends way beyond your physical body. However please note that for some people, deeper physical fertility issues may be present and those need to be addressed with a fertility doctor.

I wish you all the best in your journey to becoming a parent and hope that you will let me know how you get on with this.

Want to take this further? Book a clarity call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you.

Until the next time,





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