It’s a lovely sunny morning as I write this post, and I am excited to see that there are signs of spring coming… Winter is on its way out, and the mornings are brighter again, and we can wake without our alarm clock. It feels good doesn’t it? The signal that after Spring, Summer should be just around the corner, and people start to feel naturally happier…

Whilst some of us might be in the mood for spring cleaning, I want to talk to you about how to spring clean your mind so that you can reduce worry and anxiety.

It can be all too easy for stress and worry and anxiety to sort of – build up in us. We get to a point in Winter, where the days seem short and the nights seem long and the weather for a lot of us can trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder. It can almost begin to feel like feeling worn out and ‘down’ is just a natural part of us and we forget what it feels like to feel good again. Spring is a great time to not only naturally start to feel more ‘awake’ and happier again, but to choose to work on a more positive mindset. Here are some of my tips on how to do that:

1. Start by cleaning out all that is negative for you.

This involves spring cleaning your living space (mess can make anyone miserable), and introducing some things that will brighten up the room around you – some flowers, candles, brighten the room up with some new cushions.

Next I want you to think about the people in your life, the habits in your life, the things that have perhaps recently happened to you. Write these down on a piece of paper and ask yourself, is this really what you want your life to look like? Clear out anything that no longer works for you (yes, YOU have the power to do that), and finally, write down on a second piece of paper all of the worries that are happening for you .. then pop it in a bag and freeze it in your freezer. This symbolizes your choice to ‘freeze’ those negative emotions and choose to activate the positive ones.

2. Plant the seeds for Spring and Summer.

You now get to choose how you would like your life to look and feel during Spring and Summer. If you want to feel fitter, plant the seeds for exercise. This can be something as small as signing up for that trial exercise class. if you want to feel calmer, then purchase a meditation audio and make a point of starting each day listening to it. You can buy my INSTANTLY CALM TOOLKIT KIT here.

Don’t set yourself challenges that are not maintainable for you. But choose one thing to change and make a habit of doing that first.

3. Choose to let go of worry and anxiety as and when it appears for you.

When you notice worry or anxiety appearing for you, just first of all be mindful of it. Notice that it is there, say hello to it – and then make a choice to change your emotional and physical state.

This can be as simple as giving your anxiety a colour (say, red) and then choosing a colour for calm and closing your eyes and imagining the calm colour working its way through you.

Spend some time today thinking about where you are at right now and where you would like to be if you could choose your feelings daily. Then carry out the exercises above and make a pact with yourself to put some small changes into place. Now is a great time to choose a different path, Even if life is stressful for you at the moment, choose how you will feel about that.

I hope that this is of some help to you and here’s to a hopefully sunny Spring and Summer!

Until the next time



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