Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day, which for the superstitious ones of us may invoke a sense of fear. In todays blog post I want to talk about how to rise above fear and superstition, so that you can take your freedom and life back.

Don’t walk under that ladder… you broke a mirror? That’s 7 years bad luck for you! Don’t cross paths with a black cat…

The superstitions list is endless. And I have to be honest, there have been times in my life where I have had the odd second thought about one, but in all honesty, they don’t affect me.

However, I know some people who literally won’t walk on a crack in the pavement…which when you live in the big city of London, it’s actually kind of annoying!

So, if you or anyone that you know is affected by superstition, here are a few tips on how to deal with it.

1. Understand that just like any fear, superstitions are not based on logic.

Fears, phobias, are usually not based on logic. Something happens, your mind senses your fear and then does its best to protect you from it, and it is no different when it comes to fears related to superstitions.

Chances are you were raised by a family member who instilled that particular fear – it could have been a grandmother who would never walk under ladders, or a Father who would avoid Friday the 13th. You were reportedly exposed to it and your brain decided to step in and protect you.

Before you know it, you have inherited someone else’s fear. And when it comes to superstition this is really easy and common for it to happen, as we are exposed to the suggestion of fear, via the TV and the internet!

Think about it, how many times have you seen people talking about it being Friday the 13th? Its; toxic and it’s everywhere.

Literally – it’s everywhere.

So – the good news is, that if you do find yourself controlled by fear when it comes to something superstitious, you are really not alone with that!

2. Fears are treatable and superstitions are NO different.

We can treat fear by going right back to the original cause of it, and changing the feeling and memory.

So, if you can think back to a time and place where your superstition may have originated for you, it’s really easy to treat that.

Can’t think of where it originated for you? No worries, simply go back as far as you possibly can and think back to the earliest memory that you have of it.

Then, take that memory and add some humour to it – if there’s a black cat involved, put it on roller skates, and add some funny music into the mix.

Give the cat a squeaky voice and imagine it saying to you ‘oh hello my precious’ – are you smiling now?

Remind yourself that your fear is just a fear. You do not have to engage with it. Fears, comes up as a reaction to a thought that we have – but you do not have to engage with it. Tell yourself ‘this is just a fear’ and then intervene and add some humour to it. YOU get to choose what thoughts you ALLOW to linger, so refuse to engage with the fear.

I hope that this article helps you somewhat, and if fear is something that affects you in your life, I am holding a LIVE event on the 25th, that is based on the FEAR OF FLYING, but the techniques that I am going to teach in it will work on just about ANY fear, so get your ticket here and I hope to see you there.


I will speak to you soon



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