Hello, it’s me, Chris, and last week I spoke about how to tell the difference between stress and anxiety. This week, I want to offer some tips on how to Reduce Your Stress Levels – when life is really stressful.

More and more of us are struggling with stress these days, as we are living throughout the pandemic, and are seeing a rise in the negatives – job losses, living on a budget, feeling restricted and isolated, not being able to make monthly payments… the list is unfortunately endless – so what in the world can we do about it? How can you Reduce Your Stress Levels, when life is really stressful?


1. Get The Kettle On, Write It Down And Reduce Your Stress Levels.

It’s easy when we are stressed to go into full blown panic. Get the kettle on, get as calm as possible, and then make a plan about tackling things. Write down the problem, and then come up with 3 solutions. For example:

I cannot pay my mortgage this month

  1. I can call my bank and ask them to give me a mortgage holiday.
  2. I can ask family if they can help me
  3. I can use a credit card and pay it that way.

Of course, I am not recommending getting into debt, but the more ideas that you come up with, the calmer that you will start to feel, and when you have a plan of how to handle things (and put it into action), the stress will fast reduce for you.


2. Reduce Your Stress Levels – Let Your Stress Out Regularly.

Bottling things up can make things worse for you, so let your stress out regularly.

  • Find someone you trust and can confide in, and talk to them about things.
  • Get it down on paper and carry out the exercise outlined in the first point in this blog post.
  • Walk, get out in nature, and think – I often find that this reduces stress levels and helps me think clearly.

3. Have Some You Time , Regularly.

Whether it’s film night, a bath with essential oils, or meditating in nature, schedule some you time in, and switch off to your worries. if you find that you cannot switch off to your worries, and things are getting too much for you, it might be time to have a look at whether it is stress or anxiety that is bothering you.


Stress happens to all of us, and with life as it is at the moment, it is inevitable. Expecting stress in your life is one way to be prepared for it – embrace it, see it as a part of normal, and rise to the challenge where possible. 

Of course, if you have something behind it all, and everything just seems to be too much for you, feel free to talk to me – you can book a clarity call here and we can discuss the best course of action for you.

Hope this article helps you and I will catch you next week, have a good one, and speak soon,

Chris. 🙂

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