The winter nights are drawing in, and whilst this can mean cosy nights in with candles, it can also mean dark streets and spooky shadows. So, today, I want to talk to you about how to handle your fear of the dark.

A fear of the dark can affect a lot of us… and for some of us, we can even have a phobia of it –  otherwise known as NYCTOPHOBIA. And with the dark nights drawing in, it means that even the walk from the tube station can mean walking down a dark street or alley way.

So, what can you do if the dark provokes fear in you? Here are my top tips:

1. Think back to where your fear of the dark began for you.

If you can think back to where your fear of rhe dark began for you then you can work with me and change the feelings attached to that memory. This involves working on things on a subconscious level – but if you can do this, then you will completely change how you feel about things and the dark should no longer scare you. Of course, this is applicable if you are scared of the dark because of something that once happened to you and went on to create that fear (or if more severe, a phobia).

Not sure what’s going on for you, but know that you’d like to feel better? Then book a free clarity call with me here, and we can talk about things.

2. Decipher what is logical and what is illogical.

Some fears are there to protect us – for example, to some extent we all have a fear of fire, because we know that fire could kill us.. and we all have a fear of the dark, because we know that there COULD be danger lurking. SO – ask yourself, how much of your fear is logical? And how much of it is illogical.. for example –

‘i AM SCARED OF THE DARK BECAUSE I WORRY THAT I MIGHT BE ATTACKED’ – this one could be classed as logical as these things can and do happen. SO – ask yourself, well what steps can you take to protect yourself from that? One solution may be to find a better lit route home, another could be to carry an attack alarm, and another could be to take a taxi part way if you have to go via somewhere that just doesn’t feel safe to you.

An example where we might be a little more illogical could be a general feeling of being scared because of memories from childhood when your brother jumped out on you and scared the daylights out of you and ever since then walking into a dark house scares you…

You know that the chances are of someone doing this is minimal but of course, I guess it could still be possible, but if your fear is attached to a memory then chances are you have blown things up to become illogical.

Again, talk to me about this – but break your fears down into logic and illogical coliumns and then look at the proactive steps that you can take to change how you cope with things.

3. Trust your senses and your intuition – but don’t let them control you.

If you are letting your fear take over you, have a chat with your senses and say ‘ears, eyes,, hearing – I TRUST YOU to guide me and to KNOW if there is danger out there. I trust you to guide me home, even if it is dark, and for you to have my back for every moment of that journey. Then, know, that YOU have your own back and YOU can make that journey..

Focus on your steps – count 1,2,3,4 and 1,2,3,4… get into a rhythm  and focus on something like this and think that with every step you are getting closer to where you want your feet to take you.

And they can and will get you there – and your intuition will guide you… and if you reach a part of the journey or arrive at a place that does not feel safe to you then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Seriously!

Sometimes, people come to me and tell me that for years, they have been scared of something and then when they describe it to me I say well YES, I can see why you were scared of that! 🙂 NOT ALL FEARS ARE BAD FOR YOU.

As always i AM here for YOU so please book a clarity call with me if you’d like to start the process of working on your fear or phobia with me, and let’s get you feeling more confident about the dark, so you don’t have to carry on being scared of it.

Until the next time, think of the great things about the darker evenings – log fires in the pub on the way home, hot chocolate, cosy socks and boots, hats, scarves and mittens, and a nice warm throw on the sofa…

Until the next time,




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