If it’s not stock piling toilet roll, it’s bulk buying fuel – people taking plastic containers in the boot of their car, and filling them with petrol… there won’t be any turkeys for Christmas, and there will be heating cutbacks this winter… 

It’s difficult to stay feeling calm and positive when the entire country seems to be fuelled (pun not intended) into panic by the scare mongering of the media.  So, if all of this is getting too much for you, how can you handle the panic? 

Here are my best tips on how to handle panic, when everyone around you is panicking.

  1. Become aware of YOUR feelings of panic

We all experience different states and emotions DIFFERENTLY. Become acutely aware of YOUR feelings associated with panic. Where do you feel them? Are they thoughts racing through your head? Or do you notice physical sensations, such as your heart beating faster in your chest. Note them down. Identify what it means to YOU, so that you know when you first begin to panic. This is crucial, which leads me to step number two.

2. Stage an intervention when you begin to feel the FEELINGS of panic.

When you very first notice that you are feeling panic, you can stage an intervention. What I mean by this is you get to choose to take control of things.

Usually, we start to FEEL panic because we have seen something (news) that provokes us to THINK something that then leads to the FEELING of panic.

This feeling then becomes so intense that our mind begins to try to make sense of the feelings – and the thoughts take over us, and a cycle continues, this cycle of thoughts, feelings, panic, thoughts, feelings, panic.

You can choose however, not to engage with those thoughts – you can turn that tv off, step away from negative people, take time out to do something that changes your PHYSICAL STATE that will then change your mindset.

Which leads me to the next step..

3. Move away from the panic, take control of how you are feeling.

Move – walk, go to another room and meditate, pick up a book, create a positive play list and play it.. just do something that takes you AWAY from the panic, get physical run, dance, walk …. just change your physical state and this will calm your mental state. You do not have to engage with the fear mongering, you do not have to give a home to panic.

4. Try this deeply calming exercise.

Put your left hand on your right shoulder, your right hand on your left shoulder, and just sit for a moment, being aware of your heart space. Take a deep breath in, hold it, and let it out, and then with each in breath fill your heart space, with a calm, healing white energy, Allow it to expand, to soothe you, just sit with it. This should ease any sensations of panic.

I know that times are tricky at the moment and it is easier said than done to just not panic – when other people are panic buying this DOES create a shortage, that may not have existed in the first place, but when the whole country goes into a state of mass panic, we need to take a moment to talk about it.

I hope that this article helps you, if you know somebody who is experiencing panic, do pass this info onto them, and I will speak to you again next week,

Take Care


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