Halloween and Bonfire Night Are Right Around The Corner, And For Some Of Us That Means FEAR…

So this week we heard that many of the large supermarkets are banning the sale of fireworks, meaning that if you want to enjoy the firework season, you’ll need to go to a professional event or display. Many people are complaining about this on social media, but for a large proportion of us, this news has come as somewhat of a relief!

I myself am thankful for this outcome – as the owner of my gorgeous dog Lexi, fireworks have always been something of a bit of a nightmare. I have never understood, why they are made so readily available to the public – the noise of course being one thing, but that  aside here is the danger.

Of course, for others, the noise of fireworks runs even deeper – did you know, that hearing a loud noise without warning, can actually trigger PTSD, or CPTSD in some people? And there is actually a phobia – SONOPHOBIA, that I commonly treat, which is a fear of loud noises.

So, if you find that you yourself suffer with the arrival of loud noises, whatever the reason or season, I wanted to share this advice with you.

Get to the root cause of the fear and breakthrough it.

If you have experienced something, possibly when you were little  (phobia) or maybe later in life (ptsd) and it has had an impact on you and left you fearful, then a session with me can get to the bottom of things.

By going back to the original event and memory, I am able to speak directly to your unconscious mind, and change how you feel things.

Changing how you feel about the memory, then releases the fear or trauma, and turns it into something different.

This is one way to tackle Sonophobia. If this is something that interests you, then book a free clarity call with me here. 

Have some self soothing tools handy. 

It’s always good to have some self soothing tools handy because you never know when you may face a trigger. So, one great tool is known as Havening. Cross your arms and touch each shoulder, so that your left arm is on your right shoulder and your right arm is on your left shoulder. And rub your arms with your hands, up and down, whilst steadying your breathing, This relaxes and calms your entire system, and in particular, your parasympathetic nervous system.

Next, place your hand on your chest, over your heart, and breathe in a green or pink energy. Allow this energy to fill your chest area, filling it with a calming sensation of love and kindness. Send this love all around your body, and be kind to yourself.

Have an action plan of how to cope with the season.

Fireworks should hopefully not be as widely available now that the sale of them is being reduced somewhat. This should mean that there is less of a chance that they will be let off by your neighbour.

But it’s always a good idea, to have a plan of action. Find out where your local firework events are, and when they are going to be, so that you know to avoid that area. Invest in some noise cancellation headphones and wear them in the house until bedtime.

Let friends, family and neighbours, know that noise is a problem for you and welcome any support that they have to offer – it could be something as simple as grabbing some shopping. if you usually go out in the evening.

I hope that this helps, and I also want to say, always remember that it’s not just about phobias. People who have PTSD are also affected by loud noises, and of course, as are animals. So, be mindful if you are planning on having some fireworks. Maybe check in with your neighbours and make sure that this is not a problem. 

Until the next time, have a great week,

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