Brexit – if you haven’t had just about enough of it, then I take my hat off to you. I personally have had to learn to ‘switch off’ to it – but a lot of my clients can’t help but talk about it…

Once upon a time, small talk consisted of ‘lovely weather isn’t it?’ but today, people seem to turn to talk of Brexit….. and Boris… and …….

Give me a break from it.

I’m just here … chilling…

Now before I carry on, let me make it clear that I am in no way saying that I  want us to leave the EU and I am not saying that I want us to stay in it…. . i am not talking about political views… but how to handle the stress of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and the anxiety that this may induce in us.

Whether you voted for it, or not, the way that things have played out thanks to Politicians, it’s no wonder that so many of us are tired of hearing about it, and are left wondering what’s in store for the future. Talks of job losses, recession, a big dent to the pound and to business – it makes even the most non political ones of us in here a little….. anxious.

So, what CAN you do about it? Well, I cannot tell you what to do about Brexit, but I can talk about how to deal with the stress surrounding it …….

1. Put a ‘hex’ on Boris – no no, only joking but….

You can actually do something that resembles magic, as a way to handle your anxiety. If and when stress is getting the better of you, simply write down on a piece of paper what is bothering you, and then fold it up and pop it in the freezer…. yep. FREEZE IT OUT…….. trust me, this one provides INSTANT relief from whatever has been bothering you. And once you have dumped it there, move onto the next step…

2. Choose to stop anxious thoughts in their tracks.

You get to choose what thoughts occupy YOUR headspace. So if you find that your mind is full of anxiety and worry, every time that you catch yourself thinking like that, make a CHOICE to change thimgs… it really is as easy as saying to yourself ‘enough of that, change the record’ and then visualise yourself picking out the record that you want to play, a positive upbeat song that makes you feel good…. then pop that on your mental turntable and enjoy the music!

3. Detox your world of things that ‘stress’ or ‘worry’ you.

if Brexit stresses you out then when it comes onto the telly, make the move to change the channel. Ask people around you to respect your wishes to not talk about it Don’t buy that daily newspaper. if you have friends in your circle who always seem to talk about it, then snooze them on Facebook for a little while. You need to make a concerted effort to remove whatever it is that gives you the anxiety out of your daily living space.

4. Choose how you want your day to be filled.

Once you have removed the negative triggers from your living space, choose how you want your day to be filled…. take a walk to work a different way – go to that nice Vegan cafe that you have been eyeing up for weeks now – treat yourself to a lovely Autumnal candle, and find ten minutes a day to meditate.

It really is up to you how you think and feel, and if a thought comes along that doesn’t sit right to you, choose to say NO to it.

Of course, nobody can know what BREXIT has in store for us, or good ole Boris. But we have to carry on living our lives regardless. Life will be what YOU make it ……. so opt out of the scare mongering, and know, that whatever is around the corner, we will all come out the other side of it. Let’s see it as an adventure!

Until the next time, have a great week and if I can be of any help to you, book a free clarity call with me and let’s sort out what is going on for you.


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