Happy Easter! It’s that time of year again, where kids fill their faces with way too much chocolate, and adults make the most of enjoying the sunshine.

But for some people, Easter Sunday can leave them filled with dread at the mere thought of the Easter Bunny. In this weeks blog post I am going to talk about how to handle Leporiphobia (a fear of rabbits) when you’re probably seeing  them everywhere!

What would make someone so afraid of bunny rabbits? It could be something from childhood, such as a certain movie, or a particular toy rabbit. If something happened on an emotional level at the time of being exposed to the rabbit, it would leave a child feeling emotional, and if those emotions were strong enough, it would leave a subconscious imprint that would turn into a phobia.

So, if you, or someone  that you know has Leporiphobia, what exactly can you/they do about it? Well – keep reading.

1. Accept that Leporiphobia is a phobia and phobias are not logical.

Acceptance is key when tackling a phobia. Often, people will spend years hiding a phobia because they believe that they are ‘weak’ to be experiencing it, and this isn’t often helped, when they do eventually tell a friend and are simply told to get over it. Getting over a phobia isn’t actually that simple, because phobias are not based on logic. Accepting this, and then seeking professional help will have your phobia resolved quickly.

2. Think back as far as you can, do you remember where all of this started?

If you can pinpoint the time where something happened that may have been the original cause of your Leporiphobia, then you are on your way to being fixing it. Try this – close your eyes, and imagine the time where you were in the situation that scared you. Really engage all of your senses, and FEEL it. Then, hold the scene in your minds eye, and then make that scene black and white. Turn the sound down on it, and imagine the scene fading away into the background. Now, see how you feel. Next, imagine the Easter Bunny and do the same, and then see how you feel it. If you can remove the emotional response to it, you’re half way there to handling things.

3. Seek help for your Leporiphobia. Book a free call with me today.

Seeking professional help for your phobia of the Easter Bunny, or any bunny for that matter, is the only way to be completely free from it. Book a free consultation call with me here and we can talk about what has been going on for you, and I will let you know the time frame in which I can cure it. Most phobias are resolved within 1-2 sessions. Let next Easter be full of fun, bunnies and emotional freedom for you!

I hope whatever you are up to this Easter Sunday that you have a great day and I will speak to you again soon!


Christopher Paul Jones



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