In this article, I am going to talk about how to handle (and enjoy!) your next long haul flight.

How navy times have you taken a long hail flight? Chances are, not that often, but that when you do, the time factor somewhat bothers you. Recently, I have been contacted by a journalist who wanted my tips on surviving a long haul; flight, and the first piece of advice that I gave was stop using the word surviving!

Long haul flights, if reframed into something positive, can actually be productive and enjoyable. They can be a window of opportunity, for you to fulfil a dream and create something wonderful. So, pull up a comfy chair, grab yourself a notebook and let’s create your plan of action.

1. Plan, plan, plan. Create an action plan.

In order to survive a long haul flight, I suggest that you map out a plan. When I say plan, I suppose I mean schedule. Write down the time by the hour, and be sure to fill it. Think of all of the things you have been wanting to do, start writing that book, draw something, watch that box set, and do them. Think of the time spent on the plane as some interrupted YOU time, This is time for you to unplug from social media, disconnect from work and the busy world below you. and do whatever you want to do. Meditate, sleep, pop on a face mask! But whatever you do, plan it, have that itinerary, so that you can prepare, and get excited, and take all of the things that you’ll need with you.

2.Stuck?  Choose from the list of inspiration.

So, here are my top suggestions on things that you could do to make a long haul flight, enjoyable,

  • Sign up to a course and study the material
  • Learn a new language
  • Start writing a book
  • Download a meditation app and meditate
  • Download an ebook and listen to it from start to finish
  • Indulge in an inflight pamper day – face masks, eye masks, all packed in flight friendly travel sizes
  • Read that personal development book
  • Sleep – take an eye mask, a blanket, some lavender scented socks and sleep
  • Do some mindful colouring
  • Crossword puzzles, sudoku, magazines.

And plan your schedule so that it includes pick me up breaks (freshen up, drink water), exercise breaks (walk around the cabin, stretch) and food breaks (keep your blood sugar levels up, and please, stay hydrated).

If flying is something that creates anxiety or panic for you, be sure to take my book Face Your Fear Of Flying with you, or why not take my online program, Face Your Fear Of Flying Kit  You can get that here for a special summer discount, simply enter the code TAKE50 at the checkout and you will get a whopping 50% off it.  Use the time that you are in the air to overcome your fear of flying!

And if you do have a fear, be sure to tell the cabin crew. The majority of airlines train their cabin crew so that they can be more aware and help those who are fearful about flying.

So, there we have it, reframe the idea of flying, particularly when it comes to long haul flights, turn what was once a ‘oh gosh, I have 16 hours stuck on that aeroplane’ into a ‘I have 16 hours to myself, 16 hours of me time’ and then create that schedule so that you’re never stuck on ways to fill it. Set yourself targets, set yourself a challenge, and tell people before you travel, for example, I’m going to have written the first three chapters of my book by the time we land in Bali.

I hope that this article helps you, and if you have a flying phobia and would like to work one to one with me on it, then book a free call with me here and we can start that process.

I look forward to hearing how you get on

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