Happiness… does it just happen? Should it just happen? Does our search for happiness mean that we actually lose it?

Happiness happens – in the moments when we are able to just let ourselves go, disconnect from stress, fear and worry, and be present in the moment. In this article I am going to show you how to get out of your own way and be happy…

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Help a friend on this world friendship day.


If you can think back to all of the times in YOUR life when you would say that you were truly HAPPY, what kind of memories instantly come to mind for you?


Grab a pen and paper, and write them down. Don’t overthink this, I just want you to let memories come up and out from your subconscious mind and then grab a cuppa or something and sit back and take a look at it….


Are you shocked by anything that appears there? What kind of things make you happy? Is it travel, is it food, is it time spent with certain kinds of people? 


Often we get so lost in the pursuit of happiness (thanks to society telling us what it should look and feel like) that we forget what true happiness feels like, and these days, with the habit of trying capture happiness to post on social media, we have become even better at missing the moment, because we are trying to take a photograph of it!


Crazy isn;t it, when you think about it?


This weeks challenge is as follows…

Okay so I want to set you a little challenge, and that is to look back at your list about the things that make you happy and then I want you to schedule some time during your week, to go and do one thing that makes YOU happy.


BUT – do not take any photos of it for Facebook, do not be on your phone whilst you are there doing it, just let yourself be in the present moment and allow happiness to just happen.

  • Once the challenge is over you can then pop onto FB and let us know what you did, how it felt etc
  • Describe it – as you did not take photos, you can look back to the photos in your minds eye
  • Try to do this once a week and remind yourself what go with the flow happiness that just happens feels like.


If you like this exercise then share this post, and as always, if you feel that something is holding you back from being happy, then why not book a free clarity call with me? You can do that by heading here.

Have a great day and speak to you soon,




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