Well we’re 3 weeks into lockdown, and for some of us that means going it alone, and possibly doing self isolation. Whilst a lot of us may be enjoying a bit of peace and alone time, for others, this whole situation may be torture, because of a fear or phobia of isolation.

Isolophoba: a phobia of isolation, of being alone. It’s not one that we hear about often, but it seems more prevalent than ever at the moment. And even if you do not have what you would refer to as a phobia of isolation, for a great many of us, being in isolation is proving to be difficult.

It may be an out and out fear of being alone that affects us, or it could be other things that this triggers – the fear of losing loved ones, the fear of losing connections…. so here, is my advice on how to cope during this period, whether you have Isolophobia, or are just finding this lockdown challenging.

Think of how you can get the most out of this isolating period.

How many times (be honest) have you wanted out of the rat race, to just enjoy some ME TIME?

Now that you have it, try and imagine that the next few weeks are a sort of spiritual retreat for you. Focus on a fitness routine (you can get one of those on Youtube!), and if you have ever wanted to try something like daily meditation and mindfulness, now is the time to do it. If you do have a fear of being alone, now is the time to get to the bottom of it…

Ask yourself what it is about being alone the scares you…

Is it the thought of becoming ill when you are alone? Has something happened at some point in your life and you can pinpoint this fear back to that? Is it that you need to learn how become friends with yourself? Now is the time to work on that. There can be all kinds of reasons as to why you have an issue with suddenly need to spend so much time with YOU – a lot of us spend our days trying to avoid ourselves, because we have a deeper issue

Notice how being alone makes you feel – do you binge eat, drink or drown yourself in Netflix to avoid being alone with YOU?

Perhaps you would like to explore this further, and talk about it… if so, why not book your complimentary call with me? You can do that here.

Think about going on a date …. with YOURSELF.

Buy yourself some nice food, something that you rarely eat, but really like, get your favourite drink, and find an old movie that reminds you of feeling like YOU. Spend some time, at least once every few days, if not daily, in your own company, but think of nice things to do to fill the time….  don’t just browse the internet, and dull your senses.

You might find that the more time that you spend with yourself, the more you get to like it.

Be kind to yourself during this period – we are not used to being in our own company to this extent, so feeling a little uncomfortable is normal. And if this is something that does run deeper, do talk to me, as we can get you through it. 

Book a free clarity call with me here.

Until the next time, I hope you are coping and find some new hobbies and routines to add into your life,

Speak soon,




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