One month to go until Christmas, and the Christmas adverts are in full swing and ‘presents’ are EVERYWHERE…

For some of us, Christmas shopping can be really exciting, but for others, ridiculously stressful. The pressure to BUY everyone a present, and worrying about how much you spend on it, can really take the spirit out of Christmas.

Ever increasing credit card balance, and a rapidly decreasing bank balance can make even the most hardiest perspire a little…. and even though social media has got us talking about avoiding over spending at Christmas, the pressure is still very real for us. 

So, in todays blog post, I wanted to talk to you about the stress of over spending – and what you can do about it.

1. Work out your budget and then stick to it.

Make sure to work out at a budget, and then be sure that you stick to it. You don’t have to spend too much on one person and then feel that you need to do the same for other people. You can work out the amount that you want to spend on each person and then be adamant that you will stick to that.

2. Tell people about your budget and you may just find that they ‘get it’.

Often we all live with the social pressure that we feel that we need to spend lots of money on people. What will so and so think if you don’t spend much? Yet have you ever told someone that you’re worried about the cost of Chistmas presents? Often they say ‘me too!’.

If you tell someone how you feel, and they share the same sentiment, then you can make yourselves a deal and agree to only spend say, a fiver. Or whatever amount you both feel comfortable with. Then, telling other people about the agreement, may actually be a relief for all of you. You’ll find that most of us worry about over spending and so be the person who starts a trend here.

3. Look at ways to be creative this Christmas.

Don’t be fooled into buying things because of their labels. One example that springs to mind, is gifts like Candles… rather than spend big bucks on a designer candle, have a go at making one. Or, bake cookies, or make homemade chocolates… you could even get your very own labels printed. People appreciate the personal touch and it can work out an awful lot cheaper.

Worried that it will make you look weird? Think Etsy and Not on the High Street – people have turned their hobbies into a business and people DO want to buy these things.

Now for the mindset part to all of this…

If you feel that you need to spend a lot on othet people in order to be validated it might be time to have a chat with yourself about that. Do you find that you spend money as a way to be appreciated? Does this happen in other areas of your life? Or is it only something you do at Christmas?

Ask yourself, what do you think would happen if you didn’t spend a lot of money on people? If you say ‘well so and so will cut me off of  course’ then maybe re-address that friendship? Does you belief that you have to spend money come from pressure from other people?

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, and the most important thing is time spent with loved ones – and even if you don’t have any family who you can or want to spend time with, there are plenty of people out there who have far less than we do, so why not volunteer at the local homeless shelter, and put things back into perspective.

As always, if you’d like to speak to me about anything to do with this blog post, or any fears, worries, anxieties or phobias – then why not book a free clarity call with me and we can look at how to work together to improve things. 

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Until the next time, whatever you are up to, have a great week,



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