In this post I wanted to talk about the implications that the very existence of COVID-19 may have on current anxieties and fears and phobias.

It goes without saying that, we are currently living in very uncertain times and this can lead to worry, fear and anxiety – and it can also trigger underlying ones. I wanted to address this and offer advice on how to manage things.


If you have a general, or social anxiety disorder, COVID-19 can impact both of these things. Generalised anxiety will increase, and social implications of social distancing can mean that a social anxiety is to begin with, eased, but then isolation may make the person feel worse, thus invoking a more general sense of anxiety.

My advice? LIMIT social media usage, and be aware of a lot of scaremongering and other people voicing THEIR fears on the internet. You can check in maybe twice a day to see people you care about are okay, keep up to date with the news and see the government updates daily but then do your best to zone out from it. Give your mental health a break from it, and try to do things that help you – meditation, yoga, painting, writing, baking, walking. 


Germophobia – a phobia of germs, may be at an all time high due to the fear of the virus, and the advice to wash hands more often, and be mindful of touching things can only lead to a heightening of this particular phobia.

My advice? Follow the advice to wash your hands, use hand sanitiser and keep things clean. Make a plan of action as to how you can keep in touch with people, via the internet, get out for a walk, and create a daily schedule of things that you can do to keep your mind busy. The more time that we have to focus on things the more fear and anxiety will kick in. 

Know your phobia – recognise the warning signs that is being triggered. Know how it feels for you – and keep a daily journal so that you can keep on top of things and know when you need to implement a coping strategy. This could be that you meditate, or   book a free clarity call with me so that we can talk about a) getting clear on what will work for you to ease your phobia in that moment and b) look at how we can remove that phobia so that this time of COVID-19 is less stressful for you. 

I also created a FREE MULTIMEDIA TOOL KIT FOR YOU, that will provide you with fast anxiety relief during this Coronavirus period. You can get your copy by heading here.

This isn’t going to be easy, we all know that so I am not going to sit here and lie to you but it is MANAGEABLE and we can come out of this STRONGER.

Keep in touch on my Facebook Page, I plan to post more regular updates so that you can connect with me if you need to just vent or explore how you are feeling.

Speak soon


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