November 21st is ‘World Hello Day’.

Don’t you just LOVE the idea of a day that is dedicated to ‘hello’? I do.

In this blog post I wanted to talk about how we have become a nation of people who have forgotten how to use the long lost art of ‘hello’. Walk down any UK street or head to your local train station, and I can guarantee you that most people you pass by are busy looking down at their phone screen….

Christopher Paul Jones in the PressI am on a mission, to encourage you (yes you) to go out on world hello day and say hello to as many people as possible.. here’s why I think it’s important..



1. We are forgetting how to be social… and I am not talking social media.

Our entire lives are based around social media and I don’t know about you, but for most of us, the only time that we say hello to someone is when we are saying hi on messenger on facebook. Of course, this does class as being social but it is not the same as actually speaking to somebody in person.

2. Not speaking to others (in person) can lead to loneliness..

By not speaking to people directly, we run the risk of becoming lonely. Last month I spoke about loneliness, and I addressed how despite having hundreds of friends on Facebook, this can still leave you feeling lonely. 

As human beings it is part of our make up that we need to have social interactions, and one to one human contact – Christopher Paul Jones.

3. Loneliness can then lead onto depression..

Being lonely can then lead onto depression and the whole situation can rapidly spiral. Therefore, I want to address the state that our country currently finds itself in and I urge that more of us actually go out there and say HELLO to people. Like.. real life.. actual people.

I do of course understand that some conditions, such as social anxiety, can actually prevent us from saying hello to people and so I wanted to give you a quick tip here, so that if that is the position that YOU currently find yourself in, you can actually do something about it.

My quick tip to ovecome your fear + social anxiety and go over and say hello to somebody:

Okay so what I want you to do is close your eyes and just feel the ground beneath you. Notice how your feet almost feel energised. This is you connecting to the Universal energy.

Next, I would like you to imagine that now, all around you, is a large circle of fire. If fire is not something that you are comfortable with you can turn this into a bright light made up of energy.

Feel the warmth and the power of this energy and know that you are protected by it, it has circled you and you are now absorbing this energy and filling yourself up with confidence. Feel the energy pulsing through you and when you feel REALLY REALLY CONFIDENT, I would like you to anchor this energy, by squeezing your thumb and forefinger on your left hand together tightly.

Now simply relax, and know that this energy is stored within you. Your subconscious mind is going to allow you to access it (and use it) anytime that you need to. So, when you are out and about, if you would like to say hello to somebody, simply trigger this anchor by squeezing your thumb and forefinger together again and you will feel instant confidence.

So, here is my ‘World hello day’ challenge:

Simply say hello. That really is all there is to it. Of course, I do understand that some people may be people who you can just tell do not want to be spoken to. Be sure to listen to your intuition,

However, feel free to say hello to anyone who makes eye contact with you, anyone who you see when you board a train, anyone who….. you get the idea.

OR… if you really do not feel that you can speak to people, why not write notes that say ‘today is world hello day. So.. hello! Please pass this note on…’ Then hand it to someone and see how good you feel. I guarantee you that it will make their day.

My point in writing this article is very simple really. I wish that more people would say hello. I believe that 1-1 connections are vital to how we feel. How we feel in ourselves and how we feel about other people.Human connection can ease our stress, our anxiety and can contribute to ending loneliness. Human connection is vital for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore, I really hope that something as simple as going out and saying hello on World Hello day will push a trigger in you so that you want to go out and say it more often. Because attitudes are contagious…….

Saying hello to just one person, will hopefully inspire them. It will lift their spirits. And they will then carry this attitude over to the next person.

I hope that this article inspires you…….

Hello, Goodbye, and Until the next time,


Christopher Paul Jones, The Breakthrough Expert. Harley Street. 



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