It’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week..

Did you know, that 99.8 % of cases are preventable if you have a regular smear test and any changes are caught early enough?  (Cancer Research U.K).

That’s pretty impressive, and it means that Cervical Cancer should be pretty hard to get the better of us.

However, putting off getting your regular smear test can mean that you wind up in the 1% of women who die from Cervical Cancer, and the amount of women avoiding their smear tests is on the increase.

Remember something called ‘The Jade Goody effect?’ – well it’s on the decrease.

Jade Goody shot to fame when she appeared on Big Brother, and became a big reality TV star, Sadly Jade was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer at the tender age of 27. With two sons, the mother of two quickly lost her battle in March 2009 when she died the day before Mother’s Day.

However, through such a tradgedy came something of a positive, as women all around the country suddenly started to book in for their smear tests…

About half a million extra cervical screening attendances occurred in England between mid-2008 and mid-2009, the period during which Jade Goody was diagnosed and died – (

Sadly, as the Guardian reported in January 2018:  the number of smear tests being carried out in England has reached a 20-year low. The overall decline may seem small – in March 2017, the percentage of women deemed to have been screened adequately fell to 72% from 72.7% the year before – but the figures mask a persistent decline in women booking tests.

The Jade Goody effect is declining and we need to do something to stop this.

So, in honour of Cervical Cancer Awareness Week I want to get right to the heart of the matter and address WHY you may be putting off your smear test and give you a very quick mindset technqiue that will get you picking up the phone and calling your Doctors Surgery.




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