1. Know that some fear is NORMAL. Listen to it but don’t be controlled by it.

Some fear is normal. It’s when it gets out of control that we need to do something about it. SO, ask yourself – what exactly is it that you are scared of. And then ask yourself, what is the likelihood of that thing happening. Now, I know, in this current situation that your gut answer is likely to be VERY LIKELY… because we are well aware that the Coronavirus is spreading. But we must also remember that the media love to scaremonger and are reporting only the ‘worst cases’. There are THOUSANDS of people who will already have it but don’t even get as far as being tested as the virus only pays a brief visit.

ACT ON IT: Ask yourself, what can you do to keep yourself healthy – and we all know the answer to that, so you don’t need me to repeat it…. follow the instructions and be sure to keep yourself healthy.

2. Be more present in real life again and don’t be distracted by the ‘noise’ on social media.

Social media and TV has always had a lot to answer for, but at this present moment, the scare mongering is at its highest. Take a break from social media if you can, apart from emailing friends and checking in on them… and enjoy some good old fashioned outdoor time.. which you can do and be away from ‘crowds of people. Fresh air will boost your immune system and will also balance your system. It’s great for anxiety and depression, and so will work just as well in times of panic.

3. Don’t buy into the panic – literally. You don’t need one hundred toilet rolls. Try this grounding exercise.

I could not believe the shelves when I popped down to the local supermarket, trying to find basic items like toilet roll… people really have gone a bit crazy with the panic. Don’t buy into it . YES, make sure that you stock up on some canned foods, bottled water, paracetamol… but think about leaving some for other people. If you find yourself being drawn into the panic try this exercise:

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing… and then notice your feet on the floor. Bring yourself right into the present moment, in the safety of the room that you sit in, and know that you are here, and you control where you go, and who you spend time with. Visualise a golden bubble floating down to stop in front of you and when you feel ready to do so, step into it. As you stand in the middle of it, feel the warmth from it, and let its energy flow into you. Then imagine yourself in your minds eye, as if you are watching yourself on a tv set. Look at that you and send all of your worry and fears over to that you and then allow that you to walk away into the distance. Watch as that you disappears and feel how strong you feel now as the you who is back in control of things.

You are in control of washing your hands, you are in control of what you choose to touch, who you spend time with … if something doesn’t sit right with you, walk away from it. See this current period as being a time of reflection, for the world to do some much needed healing. We can and we will get through this, for most of us, if we do become poorly it will last a handful of days and feel like the common flu or cold. 

My final thoughts on it…


Know that at times like this some fear is NORMAL and then choose to take control of it. Only YOU can control your mindset, don’t give anyone else the power to do that.

If you want to talk, if this time is affecting you more because you already have a fear of germs and bacteria, then book a free clarity call with me and we can talk about how I can help you.

Until then let’s all rally together and spread positivity as much as we can when we do go on social media.

We’re all in this together.

Speak soon


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