In todays blog post I get to be all excited again as I am writing about Game of Thrones (hands up who’s watching it?) and the characters from the series who struggle with real life phobias. 

Here is a video that I shot about the characters and their phobias. Grab a coffee, sit back and relax (hey it is bank holiday after all!) and watch this video. I will then talk more about the phobias below.



So, as you can see from this video, Kit Harrington has a phobia of needles, a fear of spiders, and he also has a fear of being crushed.

They played on Kit’s fear of being crushed in one of the episodes, where as you will see in the video, Kit is crushed amongst a crowd of people and you can see the pure fear on his face… this is not just acting, this is a real, and raw expression of emotion.

Now, you may wonder why on earth Kit would put himself through this? I guess it just shows his dedication at being the best actor that he can be and it certainly added to this Game of Thrones episode!

Kit’s fear of being crushed comes under the category of ‘Claustrophobia’.

And claustrophobia is a common phobia to have, and experienced by many of us. Claustrophobia is most often associated with a fear of confined, or small spaces. Root causes of this kind of phobia include: being trapped in a lift, being stuck on the tube… usually something that happened when you were little.

Sean has a fear of flying (ooh he better come and see the fear of flying expert then!)

Sean Bean has a fear of flying. Now fear of flying is different to many other phobias as there is often more than one trigger.. for example, a fear of spiders, the trigger is a spider – but with a fear of flying it could be more than one thing, such as the fear of being in a confined space, the fear of heights, the fear of movement, the fear of leaving your comfort zone (home and country) and so on…

Therefore treating a fear of flying is handled slightly differently to how I would treat other phobias..

Take the root cause and change the memory and you can totally lessen your fear..

If you can take the root cause of your fear or phobia, and then change the memory (this is what we would do during a one to one session with me), you can change how you feel about that experience, and lessen your fear. This means that you can never feel the exact same way about your fear or phobia again. Pretty powerful stuff isn’t it?

So, my advice if YOU have a fear or phobia is to try and work out the root cause of it, when and where did this begin for you? If you can figure that out then you can work with me one to one and change the memory associated with the root cause of things and this will be totally life changing. Book a free clarity call with me and le’t talk. Let me see what is going on for you and let’s set you free from your fear or phobia.

Enjoy your bank holiday, and if YOU know of any other actors who have fears or phobias, feel free to let me know so that I can do a video about them.

Enjoy your day



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