Spain this week announced that the U.K will be welcomed back for holidays, as soon as travel is allowed again –  which is exciting in many ways, as I think that we could all do with a holiday after the year that we just had. Of course, for many of us, as exciting as the ‘thought’ may be, the reality may be somewhat different. I am receiving more and more clarity call bookings from people who are anxious, or have a fear of flying during the Covid pandemic. 

Questions that people are asking include things such as:

  • Will I be safe?
  • Will I have to wear a mask throughout the flight (not good for those with Claustrophobia)
  • Will I be at risk of catching Covid? (Germophobia can be triggered for example


The most common factors that I would typically associate with a fear of flying are still there, but there is now a new issue thrown into the arena, and people, if I’m honest, are panicking. If this is YOU and you are wondering just how safe you will be, here is what I know so far about that, and my best tips on how to handle things.


  • The Airport – one of the cleanest places this summer? Are You Safe To Travel During The Pandemic?

In many ways, the cleanliness of an airport is most likely the highest standard that it has ever been at this very moment. This means that you can expect to be in a disinfected area, but you can of course take your own wipes and hand gel with you, which really puts YOU in control of things.  Be mindful of the people around you, not everyone obeys the two meter rule for example. 


  • Boarding The Plane – Germophobia (or Mysophobia) can kick in at this point, so here is how to handle it. 

More and more people are becoming obsessed with keeping things ‘clean’ and ‘covid free’ since the pandemic, which is totally understandable, but when it comes to boarding a plane you may feel a little out of control of things. However, you do not need to be – take some wipes with you and keep one on your hand so that you do not have to touch anything directly., You can then use your wipes to wipe down your seating area, cabin area and table/tray. Wear your mask throughout the flight, and you can pre purchase a protective seat cover if this helps to reassure you. 


  • Eating, drinking and using the bathroom –  Hello Multiple Triggers.

If you are not comfortable eating food from the airline then simply take your own food with you. Drinks can be wiped down with a wipe, and you can take a metal straw with you that you can clean during and after your journey. If you need to use the bathroom, use a wipe on your hands so that you do not have to touch things, and purchase some paper toilet seat covers so that you can use one and then dispose of it before heading back to your seating area.

Claustrophobia –  This can be triggered when entering the small space that is the cabin bathroom. One tip that I would suggest when entering the bathroom is to do something called boxed breathing – breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 4, and then let it out for 7. Really focus on your breathing, it’s good for keeping you focused for the couple of minutes that you have to be in there, but will also change your physiology, reduce your cortisol levels, lower your blood pressure and help you reduce panic.


  • The recycled air factor – won’t I be breathing in Covid?

This is possibly one of the biggest fears that people currently have about flying and I did a little research into it…

“A droplet-mediated respiratory infectious disease is unlikely to be directly transmitted beyond one metre from the infectious passenger. Thus, transmission is limited to one row in front of or in back of an infectious passenger,” the researchers concluded. – BBC News 26 June 2020.

Research has shown that droplets from passengers are not likely to travel than more than one metre away from them and rather than going up into the air purification system, the most likely way to become infected during a flight would be from touching contaminated surfaces. Therefore, wearing your mask, and wiping down surfaces as suggested in points 1-3 will keep you as safe as possible.

And if panic kicks in during  a flight…

If panic kicks in during the flight – try tapping,( EFT.). tapping on the meridian/acupressure points in the body has been shown to reduce emotional fear quickly, and I outline the tapping process in my Internationally Bestselling book ‘Face Your Fear Of Flying’ which you can buy now on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.

‘It’s like having a therapist in your hand luggage’ – Get my book, ‘Face Your Fear Of Flying’ Now.

Why buy my book? I recommend buying my book because I share my best kept secrets about facing your fear of flying, tips and tools that I have used only with private clients over the last 12 years. In the book you will discover how to manage your fear of flying, and you will also be able to take the book on a flight with you, it’s a little like having a therapist in your hand luggage. 

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I hope that this article helps you, and if you would like my one to one help with anything, by all means do get in touch. You can book a free clarity call with me here. 

If you do book a holiday this summer, enjoy it, and let me see the photos.


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