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Be Free From Your Fear Of Birds With Christopher Paul Jones, The Breakthrough Expert. 

Does This Sound Like You

You panic if you find yourself close to a bird.

You panic about panicking if you see a bird or worse still, a flock of them.

You avoid certain places because you know that there will be birds, places such as public squares and gardens. 

You try to avoid watching programmes or films that you know will have birds in them.

You may even panic if you see toy birds. 

If you answered YES to just one or more of those things, chances are you need help for your fear of birds.


Find out more about how I can set you free from your fear of birds now. 

Stop Allowing Your Fear Of Birds To Control Your Life. Get Help Now

A fear of birds is a difficult phobia to live with because let’s face it, birds are EVERYWHERE. From the local park, to your own back garden. Living with a bird phobia can be really difficult…

The good news is that although a difficult phobia to live with, curing it Is relatively simple and can be done in as little as just one session. 

Contact me today and let’s set you free from your bird phobia so that life is enjoyable again. 


Helping You To Be Free From Your Fear Of Birds.

oh comely

I am the girl who is scared of pigeons. I have always been that girl, as far back as I can remember. After the session I sat on a park bench, not truly believing that I could share a space with those birds. But I could. fter the session I sat on a park bench, not truly believing that I could share a space with those birds. But I could. I heard a pigeon flap by. That wing flap and coo that used to fill me with dread now takes me to a happier place. I even smile as a bird flies over my head.

Alice Snape – Oh Comely Magazine

midlife 1

For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of birds. Even if I am in an open space, my heart pounds, the most limiting part of my phobia has always been the fact that it extends to eating birds. I don’t eat chicken, turkey or anything else that was originally feathered.That session with Christopher took about 2 hours and at the end of it we went into the square across the road to test my progress. I managed to walk through the pigeons without flinching. It was very odd. Later that evening I noticed that I didn’t even react when a pigeon flew up in front of me in the enclosed space of Paddington Station… and yes – I did eat chicken.

Nikki Garnett – Midlife Chic

Cure Your Fear Of Birds With Me, Christopher Paul Jones – Harley Streets’ Leading Phobia Expert.

Be free from your fear of birds in a relatively short time frame. 

Enjoy the freedom of being able to go where you want to.

Appreciate the birds  that you are scared of and view them in a totally different way to the way that you do right now.

fear of animals, birds and bugs

What Creates Fear Of Birds?

So, you know that you have a fear of Birds but how did you develop it? Well, the first thing to know, is that your fear is a Phobia and…

Phobias are ‘fear’ intensified and are usually created after a bad ’emotional’ experience. More often than not, a phobia is developed in Childhood, but that isn’t always the rule here. A phobia can begin at any age and happens as a result of intense fear. 

Perhaps something happened in your childhood to trigger your phobia. It could be that you had a negative encounter with a bird, perhaps when you were a small child, and the bird seemed ‘much bigger’ to you. Or maybe you watched something on TV that gave you nightmares…

The incident itself is almost irrelevant, what matters is that it scared you. And when you were in this heightened emotional state, during this negative experience, your Subconscious mind made a mental note of this, and made a choice to protect and ‘save you’.

This meant that every time your subconscious mind perceived a threat or a sense of danger, related to this fear, it sent a signal to your Amygdala.

The Amygdala is the part of your brain that responds to fear and tells you to go into ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ mode. So, each time you are exposed to your fear, your brain wants to switch to one of these modes and you have your ‘visible reaction’ to the fear.

And it’s that visible reaction (as well as your internal one) that had you stop and analyze your fear. So, that is how you got your phobia, and the good news is that I can easily cure one!

How To Remove Your Fear Of Birds

Do you long to be free from your fear of birds?

Have you had enough of avoiding certain places or situations because of your fear or phobia?

If you want to be free from your fear of birds, and stop your fear from controlling you, I am here to help.

Whether it is the thought of a bird touching you, or the mere sight of one that scares you, the cure for your fear is here. Book your session at my London based Phobia Clinic, in person, or via Zoom are both available.

As Harley Streets’ sought-after phobia therapist, I have worked with people from all walks of life, people who have a fear of birds.

My Integrated Change System™ (ICS™), works by silencing the emotional triggers that cause the amygdala to respond to the thing that you fear. This means that you can feel excitement rather than fear, the next time you see the thing that scares you.

This really is revolutionary in the field of fears and phobias and lasting change really IS possible.

It’s time to regain your freedom. Book your one to one session, either in person or via Zoom, and be free from your fear of birds pronto!

Christopher Paul Jones
Christopher Paul Jones is a Phobia Specialist whose work is featured regularly on international TV, radio, and in the press, including the BBC, CBC, Hello, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and national newspapers.

Christopher’s clients come from all over the world to see him in his consulting rooms on London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and he counts Hollywood actors, Oscar nominees, models, musicians, presenters, and celebrities among them.

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Christopher Paul Jones


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