Hello, how are you? I hope that this post finds you well, as I write, it’s a beautiful sunny Sunday, here in London, and I have just finished a coffee outside, whilst reading a paper. I happened to stumble across an article that caught my attention about how Harry (yes, that Harry). has been speaking to a therapist, and has undergone EMDR therapy.

Harry,  recently spoke about how EMDR has helped him re-process some of his repressed, past trauma, that was affecting him when he faced an upcoming flight to London.

During the interview, with Oprah Winfrey, for Apple TV’s ;The Me You Can’t See’,  Harry spoke about how the therapy has helped him tremendously, and has ‘freed him’ from past trauma.

Often using this therapy in sessions myself, and having witnessed incredible results with my clients, I wanted to talk to you in a little more detail about EMDR therapy, and what it can do for you.


EMDR, stands for eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing, and it is a psychotherapy that is often used for treating repressed, and unresolved trauma. It is great for anyone who has undergone a traumatic event in their life, for example, someone who is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. 

EMDR helps to heal the person from the residual effects of trauma, based on the idea that trauma can be stored in the body. Eye movements are used as the client is asked to remember certain memories in their mind.

Why eye movement? Well studies have shown it to be linked to REM that happens when we sleep, and being in this state helps our memory to unlock stored trauma and process it. Thus, a healing begins. 

Over 100,000 clinicians use this therapy globally, and I can personally say that it is highly effective. 


EMDR would be a great therapy for Harry, as he has on numerous occasions told us that he suffers with PTSD and painful memories that cause anxiety for him, particularly in relation to the death of his Mother and the role played by the media.

Recently, with his marriage to Meghan, Harry has felt that the media have behaved in a certain way, that has ‘triggered’ past, and unresolved memories for him. This was felt recently as he faced a flight to London for the funeral of his Grandfather.

Harry is said to be a fan of the therapy and has been speaking to a therapist for over four years now. 

Kate Garraway has also recently had EMDR to help her cope with the traumatic year that she has just endured after her husband Derek contracted and battled with Covid. 

If you have a past memory, stored trauma, something that you feel can be triggered and affects your quality of living, then contact me and let[‘s talk more about how working one to one with me can set you free from that. I don’t use just EMDR only, I work with a unique blend of therapies, known as my Integrated Change System, and this special combination is why clients experience change so fast when they work with me. 

To get my help, book a free consultation call with me here, and we can take it from there. Book your call here. 


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