So, this week was Brain Tumour awareness week. And it got me thinking about the clients who come to see me because they are scared of going to see the Doctor when they get recurrent headaches.

Did you know, that more people under the age of 40 die from a brain tumour than any other form of cancer? (

Now of course, stating statistics such as that, I can understand that anybody scared of the thought of being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and therefore putting off going to see the Doctor, may well want to step away from this blog post right now.

But I am not here to talk facts about brain tumours as such. What I want to talk about today, is how we can sometimes put off seeing the Doctor, because we automatically jump to fearing the worst, such as a headache must equal a brain tumour.

We all fear certain conditions over others, and it’s easy to sit ‘googling’ symptoms, only to come to the conclusion that it MUST be something awful like a brain tumour. My advice? Step away from Mr Google and book to see your Doctor – Chris Jones.

The only person who can refer you to see what is really going on, is your Doctor. But what do you do if your fear of seeing the Doctor runs deeper than that? Here are my tips on how to handle your fear (or even phobia) of the Doctor.

Before I dive into my tips on how to get yourself to the Doctor, I just want to reassure you a little….. it’s not that out of the ordinary to worry about going to see your Doctor. I mean who wants to hear that there is something wrong with them? So the first and easiest way to disarm your fear is to accept it, and give yourself permission to be worried.

Then try the tips below please:

1. Try this smart technique to reduce your anxiety and make that phone call.


Sometimes, for people with a fear or phobia of seeing their Doctor, even picking up the phone can seem impossible. Next time you are faced with this, close your eyes, and imagine the receptionist, or whoever it is that takes the phone call, dressed in a Mickey Mouse outfit. Picture them looking like that and add in some music. Something that makes you giggle. How do you feel about talking to them? Less scary huh? Make that phone call and book that appointment. You don’t need me to lecture you about why it’s important to see your Doctor if you feel that you need to.


2. Send an email, do online booking, just do it.


Look to see if your surgery offer online booking or whether you can send an email. Then book that appointment. More and more surgeries are now modernising their booking system which means that you don’t even have to speak to a person.


3. Let your GP know about your fear or phobia.


I know, I know. it sounds weird doesn’t it, telling your Doctor that you actually don’t like them. I felt the same when once talking to my dentist. But the thing is, once they know that you fear them, they go out of their way to reassure you. Your Doctor will understand that you may find it difficult to talk to them, and that you may start to panic as soon as you go in there.

Often, when it comes to fears and phobias, the fear of actually having some sort of panic attack when faced with your fear is what can stop you from even booking that appointment. Once you air your concerns and your feelings, more often than not, people are very receptive of you.

The last word….

Christopher Paul Jones in the PressAs I said, I did not want this blog post to be about WHY you need to go and see your Doctor. We are all adults here and you of all people KNOW already why it’s so crucial to book that appointment. 

However, I do understand that having a fear or phobia of the Doctor can really be a struggle for you, and unlike some other phobias, it can lead to real complications for you. Let’s cut to the chase here – not going to see your Doctor really could turn out to be life threatening!

If YOU have a fear of going to your Doctor, then book a free clarity call with me and let’s talk.

Until the next time, 


Christopher Paul Jones, the Breakthrough Expert. Harley Street. 

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