How can we deal with stress during these fearful times? This is something that I am being asked a lot at the moment – so I got together with fellow Harley Street Therapist, Olivia James, and we had a little chat about it…

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Be kind to yourself and know that stress and anxiety is a normal first response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have had people who have never really experienced stress or anxiety, because they have the tools to deal with it, talk to me about how now they seem to be overcome with it.They are wondering why they seem unable to cope with things at the moment. My advice was, be kind to yourself – this is a situation that is totally foreign to us. Our brains are not wired to cope with something as ‘unknown’ as a global pandemic. The only training that we have had for this is the scary stuff that we have seen in movies!

So, if your brain feels like it’s not set up to deal with this, chances are – it isn’t! And so going into fight, flight or freeze mode is most likely what is going to happen.Be kind to yourself, and understand that your mind is doing what pretty much everybody else’s is doing. There is nothing wrong with you…. but you can now think about how to possibly handle this..

Ask yourself what needs to happen in order for you to feel stressed or anxious.

i ask my clients to tell me what needs to happen in order for them to feel stressed or anxious. An example could be, a client has a fear of going out and bumping into her ex stalker. She has a fear that this person is out there, she cannot see them and they could pounce on her at any moment. I then take it one step further and ask what is lies beneath that fear of being pounced on? I could be a fear of death, a fear of loss of control…..

Coronavirus is a little like that stalker – you know she is out there, but you have no idea if and when she may get you. So fear and anxiety about that is NORMAL. Now ask yourself, what is it that needs to happen if she does pounce on you for you to feel stressed or anxious?

Answers might be – I would die, I would be sick, I would leave my family behind – try to get to the bottom of your fear and then once you have access to that, you can talk it through with someone and find ways to DEAL WITH YOUR FEAR so that the stress and anxiety is reduced for you.

Book a complimentary call with me and let’s talk about what is causing stress or anxiety in you. I am offering sessions online during this period, and discovering tools that will help you, can really improve this experience for you. Sure, we cannot erase your fear or worry, because there are many things to be scared about. But I CAN help you CONSTRUCTIVELY HANDLE YOUR RESPONSE TO THAT FEAR, so that you get through this calmly

As we said in the video, stress only serves to lower your immune system, which puts you at higher risk of being worse affected by Coronavirus – so managing your stress levels is not only a positive mental health move it can also assist you physically.


And before you go check out another great article on this subject here, by Qi SUPPLEMENTS. They offer a great range of supplements to keep things balanced from the inside out. 

Until the next time,

Stay safe,

Christopher Paul Jones. 

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