March 2nd was  ‘old stuff’ day.

We’re also just entering Spring and there is nothing like a good ole clear out.

Now I love a good clear out + Christopher Paul Jones in the Presssince Marie Kondo hit our screens on Netflix (anybody else converted?), it seems most of us have had a go at it… BUT… it’s not just about a tidy appartment. Decluttering your physical space can have a huge impact on your mindset.





So in honour of ‘clear out your old stuff’ day, I am going to give you my top 3 tips on how to clear out your physical space in order to upgrade your mindset.


1. Learn to love your body + say goodbye to weight issues by decluttering your closet.

Be ruthless. Pick up an item and if you know on a gut level that you are never going to wear it, throw it in the bin bag, or if you are feeling generous, give it to the charity shop.

Stop holding onto items of clothing that you know will never fit you. Let it go, and make space for some new items, and then schedule some time in your diary to go out and buy a new wardrobe. Okay, it might not be payday yet, but you can get just 2 or 3 items. Make a step in the right direction towards learning to love the you who you are in this moment, and stop pining after the you who you want to be.

Of course, that does not mean stop striving to be better, and I am not saying stick two fingers up to weight loss. But go at it  with a positive mindset, filled with grattitude for where you are at currently.

2. Fill the room where you ‘chill out’ in with things that spark only joy in you.

If you have items in your living room that just don’t make you feel good, it’s definitely time to get rid of them. Keep a clear space around you, and invest in items that lift you when you see them, It could be that you fill your walls with framed old photos, or that you treat yourself to freshly cut flowers.

The space where we spend most of our time unwinding should be a place that boosts us. You’d be amazed how quickly being surrounded by junk and mess can drain you. Ever walked into somewhere and it just felt like somebody has sucked the life from you? Make your space a place where you go to feel good.


3. Create a space where you can go to meditate…

Or do something to work on your mindset. Not everybody loves to meditate, and that’s okay, I totally get that. But make sure that you create a space in your home where you can go to sit and do a mind detox. Never done one before? Try this…

Close your eyes, and just take a deep breath in and then let it go again, Let all of that pent up energy just leave your body and then imagine that above your head is a glowing ball of energy. You can make this ball of energy a colour that makes you feel posiitve. Then, feel that ball of energy as it makes its way down into your headspace. Allow it to gently wash through you, taking any anxiety, or stress based residue with it as it leaves. Just sit for as long as you want or need to, and allow your mind to be cleansed completely.

You can repeat this super simple mind detox as often as you need to. You really don’t need to over complicate it. Just let your mind be free, and as you do this, know that your blood pressure, your breathing, and your stress levels – everything is lowering for you.

It’s a great technique to use when you want to clear out the old stuff and make space for the new stuff. 

So, without further ado, get going, and clear out your home, clear out your headspace, and get ready for the Spring + Summer!

Until the next time, 




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